Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vote for Tom Welling in's new poll !!!!

Slow news day today, and this week really! But funny there has been a few of these "Who should be Superman" polls hitting the net recently, and I found another one.

This one right under our noses at SupermanHomePage Right now unfortunatly Routh is winning so far with Tom in nº2. Let's turn this around and get Tom the nº1 spot !

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Anonymous said...

johnallenTom Welling would be better doing a 9th and even a 10th season and then start doing some totally different leading men roles. Tom Welling would make a great movie superman but Smalville first. CW can't afford to loose Smallville with Tom Welling since it is a major cash cow for the network!!! These teen opera sitcoms won't keep CW afloat. Get smart and give Tom Welling a great new contract!!