Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another "Who should be the next big screen SUPERMAN poll"

Not shocked to see Tom Welling lead this poll! Yet another "Who should be the next big screen SUPERMAN poll" where the SMALLVILLE star leads in votes. I think it's time that the good folks at the WB Took their heads out of their collective asses, and saw what the fans want to see, and made it happen!

They want a
SUPERMAN movie that will make tons of cash?


End SMALLVILLE After season 8, and start production of a big screen movie with Tom Welling as Clark Kent/SUPERMAN.

He is this generations face for the role, and that's clear as day!

The fans are telling you.. NO They are screaming it at you with each poll he leads on.
It's clear to everyone I don't know why it hasn't become clear to who ever casts these movies.

SUPERMAN RETURNS would have sucked regardless of the actor because Singer is a hack, and he can make a movie look pretty but he can't tell a good story to save his life, and that's always been his problem.
He did a nice enough job on Usual Suspects but he has lost his way with EVERYTHING since, and I knew he was barking up the wrong tree when he chose Brandon Routh over he fan favorite Tom Welling.
But what made it worse was the story he told! SUPERMAN leaving earth for 5 years to find his home planet that blew up thousands of years before? Leaving his loved one's, and going on that mission because some scientist said they think they found Krypton?

That's beyond stupid!
Not only that he made a round trip in 5 years!!!

That goes against the origin from the comics, and movies because
SUPERMAN made the trip in 5 years the first time as a baby at light speed to earth! That's how Thousands of years had passed since the planet had blown up! So he now makes a round trip in 5 years, and he gets back, and only 5 years have passed? COME ON DUDE!!! Who ever wrote the movie doesn't know basic Einsteins law's of psychics, and how space travel works at light speed, and hasn't really paid attention to detail when watching SUPERMAN the movie!

Bryan Singer can make a movie look pretty with all 300million the WB gave him but he can't direct real drama or action!
That's why the movie was lacking both, and only had a strange gay overtone which Singer also injected into his X-MEN movies, and that's sad because Brandon really isn't at fault here.

He was just an actor doing a job but he was all wrong for the part, and the director was wrong for the job, and he screwed the entire thing up.

Brandon's career will be seen as the George Lazenby of the Superman movie franchise.
I wish him the best in his career but he was just wrong as SUPERMAN, and now the WB has finally seen that once the movie came out, and people didn't care for him as SUPERMAN, and now I hope they open their eyes enough to NOT have Singer come back, and they get the right director, and the right script writers, and they get people who KNOW SUPERMAN, and I don't mean the Donner SUPERMAN! I mean the COMIC book SUPERMAN. They should then bring on this generations face to the character, and that's TOM WELLING. Case closed he is this generations SUPERMAN like it or not.

Anyway check out the page
here, and go vote away!

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