Friday, October 22, 2010

Will Batman Make an Appearance in the Superman Movie?

A British newspaper, and Snyder talk more about him getting the job, working with Chris Nolan, Batman vs. Superman, it's association to past movies and the rumoured $175 million budget...

Here are the main excerpts from The Daily Telegraph interview which was posted online earlier today. For the whole thing, where the director talks more about his new movie Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, be sure to follow the link at the bottom of this page.

You’re directing the next Superman movie: that’s quite a gig. How do you feel about taking on the superhero that everyone loves?

It’s very exciting. Do I feel responsible? Look, as a fan, I want to make it awesome, so in that way I feel responsible. There’s an amazing film in there to be had, and I’m excited to get at it.

You’re working with Christopher Nolan, director of the last two Batman films. Is there a conflict of interest there? Batman vs Superman?

He is a generous and amazing talent and as a producer super-supportive even in just the few weeks we’ve been talking about it.

What can you say about it at this stage?

Nothing. It’s very early in the process and it’s going to be famously guarded. So there’s very little to be said other than I’m a huge fan and I’m excited to get started on this.

It’s going to be a reboot of the franchise...

In the sense that it doesn’t really owe anything to what’s happened before cinematically.

And apparently you’re getting $175 million to play with...

I have no idea. Nobody has said anything to me about that, but I’ll quote that at them. It’s a good place to start in the negotiations.

What's most interesting about this interview is the fact that Snyder says, "we’ve been talking about it" when asked about Superman vs. Batman. Is he talking specifically about the two teaming up on the big screen or just about The Man of Steel in general? Be sure to share your thoughts in the usual place!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who should play Superman?

Ok I know my top choice is Tom Welling, and I HATED Singerman Returns.

I know people who know Brandon Routh, and know he's a very nice guy, and all that jazz but guess what? The movies he's done have all sucked, and his version of a water down Reeve Superman was horrific.

I never want to see him in another Superman movie as long as I live, and will boycott the movie if he's indeed hired for the role.

So that's how I feel about Brandon Routh, and his version of Singer...Superman.

Tom Welling is my top choice because he simply embodies the character like no actor I have ever seen since Chris Reeve.

He is this generations Superman, and after 10 seasons of playing Clark Kent on Smallville it's time the fans who stayed loyal, and love the show are rewarded with a big screen send off where we get to see our generations Superman actually take flight, and in a movie directed by Zack Snyder, and produced by Chris Nolan.

How can we go wrong if we the fans are given that trio of Nolan/Snyder/Welling? That is pure boxoffice gold folks.

I know I will see this movie 10 times in theaters myself... Anyway now you guys pick who would you like to see in the movie?

Tom Welling or Brandon Routh?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Zack Snyder Directing Superman: Man of Steel "Right After Sucker Punch" has done it again with another exclusive revolving around the DC movieverse: according to the site, Zack Snyder will be directing Man of Steel. In a just-posted UPDATE, Snyder himself comments on the situation.
UPDATE: Deadline spoke with Zack Snyder, who confirms that as soon as he completes post on Sucker Punch, he'll move right into the Man of Steel. "I've been a big fan of the character for a long time, he's definitely the king of all superheroes, he's the one," Snyder told Deadline. "It's early yet, but I can tell you that what David and Chris have done with the story so far definitely has given me a great insight into a way to make him feel modern. I've always felt he was kind of awesome. I'll finish Sucker Punch and get right at it."

Says Deadline, "Zack Snyder has been chosen to direct the new installment of Superman He was on my short list of directors that the studio was considering and producers Chris Nolan and Emma Thomas met with. Snyder is an interesting choice. He is a cornerstone filmmaker for Warner Bros, after directing 300 and the upcoming Suckerpunch."

Snyder, directed the adaptation of Watchmen which in my eyes was a pretty astounding achievement, and he was my top choice to do this movie believe it or not!

One would imagine his creative accomplishment with that film coupled with the success of 300 and what the studio has seen of Sucker Punch have all combined to make him seem like the perfect person to direct.