Friday, August 31, 2007

No Justice League Movie In Tom Welling's Future

Well according to Tom Welling's people he is not signed to do the movie, and well this just sounds like spin if you ask me.

But let's see how this plays itself out... This story really has got a life to it's own now, and at this point the WB has to make the movie with Welling or risk pissing the Welling/Smallville fans again, and thus risking more negative buzz around another movie with Superman in it, and we saw how badly the buzz was on Superman Returns after Welling wasn't cast. Only time will tell who will be cast. But anyway here is the link to report. [Continue]

The KryptonFan Podcast interviewed both Dirty Sanchez from IESB and Steve Younis from SMHP

Just read this update over on Singermans Superman Sucks, and thought it was interesting enough to post on here.

Looks like the gloves are coming off in the battle of Fanboy Nerds over the casting of Welling as Superman! This is going to be funny to see how it all ends up, and from my sources IESB is correct in what they have said so far, and well while things do change in Hollywood from day to day the powers that be have set in motion the casting of Tom Welling, and there is not much doubt that with all this buzz going on in the world wide web about the casting that now they will fight tooth, and nails even harder to get him signed, and suited up for the movie.

Incase the WB didn't know Welling in the Superman suit in the JLA movie = BIG BOXOFFICE! Any other person put in the Superman suit will be received the same way Routh was. Like it or not it's the truth. [continue]

Thursday, August 30, 2007

IESB at it again with even More JLA Rumors!!!

Ok now this one I can say I feel is 100% bogus!
Nowhere was I ever told about Leo, and also about the people being talked about here... Welling makes perfect sense since he wouldn't be so expensive, and he is someone the fans want to see in the suit badly! Hence the WB finally giving the fans what they want.

If the story takes place say 10-15 years after the last SMALLVILLE espisode, and it's an established JLA like was said here then it wont matter if someone older plays LEX since he would have aged 10 years, and well we all know SUPERMAN doesn't age like humans he wouldn't look much different while LEX, and others would.
But seriously they are throwing out WAY to many big A list names out there, and that just won't fly.

Leo will do a comic book movie eventually, and while I am interested in what he would do as Aquaman I just don't see such a role being cast in this JLA movie with such an actor.

His price tage of 20Million alone would be crazy when you think about the fact that he won't be on screen as much as Superman, Batman, and a few of the other heros.

So take everything you read from IESB with a major grain of salt, and be carefull what you wish for because the WB is known for making major mistakes in their comic book movie universe.

Written by Robert

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Is it even remotely possible to have more Justice League rumors? I guess so.
We have been getting a ton of email from different sources.
Some we decided not to post and the others we try to screen and get some
confirmation of facts.

The following email was sent in earlier today and while some stuff sounds a little crazy, mainly the casting of Bruce Willis as
Lex Luthor and Mel Gibson as Maxwell Lord, one thing that he mentioned surprised the hell out of me.

The following was sent in by Action Boy!

Hey, my friend recently got a pre-production job on JLA.
personally hired by
george miller (they've worked together in the past). you
guys seem to be the go to site for JLA news, so heres what he's been bringing
manhunter will be added to the league. he's a george
miller favorite.-previously, flash was set to be killed. after word leaked
about that, they're changing who dies (See script summary for who).-the heroes
will be younger, and in the first couple years of their career. this not an
origin film though. the league already exists. manhunter though, will be
played older and wiser.-WB is planning to cast very big for the heroes.
names thrown around: jake gyllenhaal, leo dicaprio, jessica biel.

mel gibson
is liked for max lord. scarlett johanssen for talia. bruce willis was mentioned for lex. tom welling isnt happening.-george miller already has a small group of men working on storyboards, script revisions, concept designs, costume designs, etc. WB
wants this for 2009. miller isnt wasting miller has some script revisions already underway. heres the general summary of the whole story based on miller's personal treatment that i read, major major spoilers:max lord and talia al ghul are the black king and black queen for checkmate, the government agency. they have a mutual agenda against caped heroes.

talia's reasons for despising
super heroes is ambiguous, but there are some vague references to her father and his ideals. max's reasons are far more defined: a couple
years ago his fiancee was caught up in a battle between superman and metallo,
she lost her life. he's since seen heroes as a plague that need to be exterminated. this is one of the reasons he creates the OMACs.

He plans to use them to rid the world of super heroes, since the robots can be the
perfect policing unit which can also be controlled by the government and work
for their agenda. he is even going head to head against lex luthor for the
contract, who has created similar technology.

Max also plans on using the OMACs for his own personal agenda...believing that checkmate should be running the government, a sort of coup would put him in power. the OMACs will also be using human hosts, the technology takes over the body. max lord plans on using heroes as host bodies to result in stronger OMACs (a superman omac
being the big prize).

There's even a few scenes planned for early on in the film where OMACs take over b-list DC characters, fun cameos for the fans.  At one point in the film, even flash and GL will become OMACs.the JLA will consist of: superman, batman,
wonder woman, flash (wally), green lantern (jon), aquaman, and martian manhunter. there will be a bunch of humor earlier on at their headquarters showing what heroes do when they are bored with no crime to fight. meanwhile, batman is off investigating heroes that have been picked
off by OMAC's.anyways, a group of shape-shifting white martians travel to earth
and find max lord, well aware of his status in the government (it would appear
white martians have a past with checkmate).

They ask for refuge on earth to escape an aggressor who is at war with them. max denies them, knowing they will then invade earth and take refuge anyways (how he knows this and why he wants it will be later revealed). the white martians leave very angry
and sure enough make plans to invade the martians invade, the heroes
come out, and so do max's OMACs.

This is max's chance to prove to the government their worth and how much better they are than the super heroes. the fight against the white martian invasion will be the chunk of the film. during this time, the heroes become very aware of max lord, his
story, and his agenda. they come into direct conflict, and more is revealed about him. about half way through the film, it will be revealed that max is a shape shifting white martian himself (not even the other martians knew this), but he was banished from the white martian community long ago which is when he traveled to earth. also, he's not only been disguised as max lord infiltrating the american government plotting a take over...but he's also been disguising himself as JLA member martian manhunter!

Working to infiltrate the heroes, learn their secrets, so he can eventually take them down
using the OMACs. enraged at his betrayal, wonder woman snaps his neck, killing him! breaking the league's no killing policy. she stands behind her actions against a very pissed off
batman and superman. still fighting the invasion, batman ends up being able to reprogram and take control of the OMACs and they use them to defeat the martian invasion.but in the last 20-30 minutes of the film, a new threat will arrive. its the agressor that has been at war with the white martians. they have followed them to earth. its darkseid!

Darkseid and his army finds the white martians defeated and a new challenge in the JLA. the JLA goes to battle with him and his personal cronies, while his army attacks the country. in battle with darkseid himself, superman is killed! now regretting her actions, and recognizing superman's heroism, wonder woman begs her gods to take her life force and spare superman's.

Her gods comply. wonder woman dies, and superman is revived. he single handedly takes out darkseid. the heroes are overwhelmed by the rest of his army though. lex luthor appears on scene with his tech army (the one he was using to get the government contract against max lord).

Together they stop the invasion.keep up the good work,Action Boy!
I’m running out the door so I will go on the boards later to talk about what we’ve been
hearing but let me say that the one thing that did shock me about this email was
him mentioning Leo DiCaprio.

Earlier in the year I heard from a DC source that told us that Leo DiCaprio was hoping to get involved in a major comic book franchise. The property? Believe it or not it was Aquaman. But because of Justice League, Leo’s price tag would be too high to be involved in the ensemble pic. We had not reported on Leo’s Aquaman because our source asked us not to talk about it.

But could things change? I really don’t know and I am waiting to hear back from a few sources. For now, these are just rumors and not confirmed facts. I will catch you guys on the boards later tonight. Feel free to post any questions or opinions you guys have!
Discuss this on the IESB Boards!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

WB trying to get Justice League for Pre-Strike Start! (Confirmed by L.A Times)

Well I hope that "IESb" isn't wrong with their Welling prediction, and to be honest I also have an "inside" source over in Hollywood, and while I can say that yes Welling is the studios number 1 choice other actors are also being looked at but Welling is their most serious candidate, and from what I was told it's all a matter of the WB giving him a contract to sign right now.

They have gotten a "YES" from Welling, and his agent, and the producers for Smallville who are working out the kinks on how to make this happen, and in fact they didn't lie at all! Welling is indeed tied to Smallville for season 7, and 8! But here is the catch!

The WB is thinking of having Clark leave Smallville half way into season 8, and switch the shows focus on Kara his cousin aka Super-girl.

Lois, Chloe, and a few others in the cast would remain, and also even heard that Perry White might make a comeback.

The way things look is that they will rush to get this into production because of the up coming strike, and shoot as much as they can while Welling is off from the show, and then he will go back to the show, and film as much of season 8 as needed, and leave the show to finish the movie. Remember when the season airs most of the episodes have had been shot by then, and so to make their target date which allows them a good release date they need to work out the logistics of how it can be done.

I also hear that the target date for the movie is summer 2009, and like I said Welling is a lock but his contract isn't done yet, and things need to be ironed out, and also my source also told me that Eddie Brock, and Venom were both in Spiderman 3 many many months before Marvel said anything about him, and so he is IRON clad.
Just ask the people at if I was right about that! Oh that's right Aaron closed shop... Poor kid couldn't pay his bill.

So yes the people at got it half right, and that's because the producers on the show Smallville are not allowed to leak any information, and if they know that some dickhead from a Superman website is asking them something that is Top secret they will give you the answer that they see fit.

They said that Welling is tied into Smallville for Season 7, and 8 which is true.
But they aren't going to tell you the entire story, and unless you know how things work in making a show then you wouldn't know that when season 7 ends the entire cast would already have been off for many weeks, and thus giving Tom more then enough time to shoot a lot of his stuff before he has to go back into filming for the show, and yes season 8 is his last because he will continue to play the role on the big screen after that in the new JLA movies.

Yes I said "movies!" Because if this one is a big hit then you can bet there would be more coming, and with this strike needing movies to go into production by March 1st well unless Singer is a magician he won't make it, and his movie will get delayed even more which would mean that he wont be ready until the time around when JLA is coming out into theaters, and if that's a big big hit then you can forget ever watching Singerman again on a big screen.

I can also say that the WB originally thought of another actor, and one who once died for our sins for the role but he was rather mad at Singer/WB for casting Routh, and has sworn off every working in a Superhero movie now... Besides he is way to old for the part if you ask me.

If this was Kingdom Come then maybe... But they didn't bother to ask him, and focused on Welling mostly due to the over whelming amount of people who want Welling in the role! The WB when casting Superman Returns never knew that Welling was this popular!

Some could say that Mr Welling not being cast in Superman Returns might have been the reason why the movie tanked.

Remember Superman the movie also had a weak story, and bad acting but the fact that they nailed the perfect actor for the role of Superman made that movie, and it's sequels good, and worth watching.

Tom Welling is without a doubt the face of Superman for this generation, and so the WB felt that they should give the fans what they want.

Of course if they now pick another actor then that would just continue the trend of them not giving a crap about what the fans want in their comic book movies... I hope the WB got it's act together because we need a good Superman movie after JLA hits big, and believe me with Welling in the title role of Superman that movie will be amazing!

To bad BALE doesn't want to do it or won't because he would be a perfect person for the part... I personally hate how many faces have played BATMAN, and I hate when a character this big is played by more then 1 actor in that Generation.

That's what ruined the BATMAN franchise after Keaton... Bale is BATMAN now, and he should remain... They don't need him to be that involved in the movie I mean he could be in a couple of scenes, and not the entire thing!

Anyway I don't know who they will cast but like IESB If I will bother as many people in the "Know" that I know, and If I find out anything juicy I will be more then happy to leak it.

lol I am not paid by the WB to keep secrets afterall... But the good folks over at
"IESB" might have an idea!

Check this post out by

Written by Robert Sanchez
Friday, 24 August 2007

For all you naysayers out there and you know who you are, the Los Angeles Times has confirmed IESB’s report that Warner Bros. is aiming Justice League for a pre-strike ’08 production start date.

We’ve been having a pretty good batting average even without the steroids. I love when the trades or established media confirm stories that we’ve been reporting on for weeks or sometimes even months.

Here is what the LA Times is reporting about the Justice League movie:

“ ’JLA’ is but one of many projects caught in an industrywide scramble to assemble films that can be completed before a potential talent strike shuts down film production next summer, according to interviews with two dozen studio executives, agents, producers and screenwriters.”

The publication continues:

“To beat the strike deadlines, the studios must start filming by March 1. While some high-profile projects are coming together quickly, other prominent movies – ‘JLA,’ Will Ferrell's ‘Land of the Lost,’ Matt Damon's ‘The Fighter,’ Eddie Murphy's ‘Fantasy Island’ -- must clear logistical, financial and political hurdles to move forward.

A bit further:

“Regardless, Warner Bros., which declined to comment, needs to hire a ‘JLA’ director immediately to guide any further rewrites and attract actors. As it is, numerous directors have been passing on the project, although ‘Happy Feet's’ George Miller may end up in the chair. Like any last-minute rescue, time is of the essence.”

Although, I have to correct something, our WB source is saying that only a few directors were ever approached for the project and George Miller was always one of their first choices. We expect a trade announcement confirming his attachment any day now and casting should officially commence immediately following.

Just as a side note, today, the IESB posted an article announcing Tom Welling as the potential JLA Superman. We’ve gotten a few emails about the Supermanhomepage debunking. As we updated in the Tom Welling article, is saying Al Gough says no, Welling is not involved in the JLA movie. But, I am telling you, we have triple checked this out and all indications are that Tom Welling in fact is a go on WB’s side.

Believe me, the IESB will be the first to post a retraction on a story if we are proved wrong, but right now, this is what we are hearing. We have been sitting on the Tom Welling info for almost a week and finally felt we had gathered enough back-up to post it.

Currently, we’ve got a lead on who is being looked at for Batman but we need some further info and confirmation before we announce it!

Stay tuned to the IESB for further updates!

Friday, August 24, 2007

The WB in talks with TOM WELLING to have him star in the new JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE!!!

The good folks over on "Attack of the Show" along with "IESB" re reporting that the WB company are in talks with actor Tom Welling, and the producers on the show "SMALLVILLE" to get him as the Superman for the JLA movie which is coming out in 2009, and from this report it looks like it's going to be live action after all but with some "CGI Motion Capture" in it for the FX. (Thank god!)

This would be about the best news in the last decade, and if this comes true, and the Singerman sequel is scrapped I will no longer have a need for this site, and would close it or change the name, and keep it Superman related.

Tom Welling is this Generations face to the character SUPERMAN, and to never get to see him in the suit or on the big screen would not only be the biggest waste in the history of comic book cinema but would also cheat the fans of what could be a rather wonderful movie.

The guy simply embodies the role better then Routh, and then most actors who I have seen, and it's no wonder why Al & Miles (The Smallville producers/creators) wanted him for the role so badly that they kept pushing even after he turned them down.

Also Welling was always open to take the leap to the big screen suit, and all but Singer had a vision which wouldn't be able to work with Welling in the suit.

Tom's Superman is current, and for this generation... Routh is 20 years to late, and to be honest not something I feel anyone really wants to see more off.

So if this is real news, and please take it with a grain of salt here! But if true then the WB could be heading in the right direction for the first time in a long time when it comes to the Superman character.

Posted by Evildooer

UPDATE: Here's a clip of the interview:

UPDATE: Looks like "SMHP" has called shenanigans or as the folks over on Singermans Superman Sucks say "BS" on IESB for the Welling rumore, and for some really stupid, and crazy reason they went, and flagged down one of the producers of Smallville, and they asked Al Gough if this was true, and seriously expected him to give them an honest response (Hey Younis, ever hear of an NDA??).

"IESB" Is sticking by their guns, and while they have been wrong in the past this one seems like a solid rumore as it's starting to break everywhere! So they called BS right back on SMHP. I hope that IESB is right so let's wait to see how things play themself's out here... It's going to be an interesting rest of 2007 that's for sure. If IESB is wrong they might lose all credibility, and that's something they don't want to do so I think they will be proven right because this is a big big news!

This is the news that MILLIONS of people have been waiting for now for years!

More on this as it becomes available.

Slow Down Betty! Justice League to be a CGI/Mo Cap Film?!

More reports about the movie being actually a CGI film, and not a Live action movie is coming out, and I think I can speak for a large part of the public when I say that this is a bad move by the WB.

The fans might go see it sure, and it will do decent but they shouldn't expect a blockbuster JLA movie if it's all CGI.

The CGI better be very very life like in order to get people excited about it.
I know that my hype-o-meter has gone way down because of all the CGI talk.
The right move is for the WB to spring board the Smallville cast into the JLA movie, and make it as a live action movie, and forget about Singerman, and his terrible sequel.

But what do I know I mean I only CALLED it when I spoke to Dan Harris that they were making major mistakes, and it would cost them because the movie SR would big a big big disappointment, and might even flop so hard that it would not get a sequel.

I was right then, and I know im right about the SR sequel being DOA!
JLA is a good way to re-introduce the characters to the public, and also it will add closure to the Smallville show, and let Tom Welling wear the Suit on the big screen... Something many many fans have wanted for 6 years now.

Anyway here is the report...

Written by Robert Sanchez
Wednesday, 22 August 2007

We have just received an interesting email that indicates the Justice League of America film might be headed to the world of Motion Capture!

I wasn’t sure about the validity of the email, so I went in search of some confirmation. I got it. I got confirmation from several sources from ILM to Rhythm and Hues that said the same thing. From what we are hearing, there may be some truth to this, but again, right now it’s a rumor and we will post final confirmation if this is true or not when we have it.
This would also explain how The Dark Knight films would continue on, same goes for Superman.

Also, this explains the quick casting starting next week and the speedy production date of first quarter 2008. But, mo-cap films take a lot of time, so this may not be ready by Summer 2009 like a traditional film would be. Are we looking at Summer of 2010 or 2011? This would give time for the Batman and Superman sequels. Plus with George Miller's success with singing pigs and dancing penguins, It finally all makes sense! But who knows!
This would put our League of Superheroes in a world much like Paramount’s Beowulf or Cameron's Avatar, where they could hire any actor they wanted and tweak and change them accordingly.

Here is the email with the information that was sent in and stay tuned as we expect to get more news shortly! Again, it's a rumor until we bring you final confirmation - I'm in Europe on business right now, but managed to check my email (filled to the brim with spam of course) and noticed a very interesting message from a contact over at Sony Imageworks.It seems that although they did cgi work on Superman Returns, there has been no talk of them coming back to work on the sequel. However, and take this with a grain of salt, Imageworks are apparently in the running to provide services on the JLA film, competing with R&H and possibly WETA (the latter being unconfirmed).But the real interesting thing about this is that the contract is for an all-cgi "photo-real" motion capture movie, much like the upcoming Beowulf.This is unsurprising, given George Miller's recent track record with the likes of Happy Feet, and motion capture cgi would certainly account for the casting sessions that are supposedly starting next week, meaning that Miller can cast actors rather than faces for the roles, use their performances and tweak things as he sees fit.Now a real-looking cgi JLA does seem likely, but I wonder what will become of Man of Steel given that Imageworks won't be returning for that project. I know there were some rumblings within the company that Singer wasn't satisfied with their work on Returns and is looking elsewhere for the sequel (ILM would be my preferred choice...but can Singer afford them?) and with Spider-Man 4 on hold (another Imageworks project), a mo-cap JLA would become their only major project for the next few years.I just wonder if JLA might end up being pushed back....these cgi films take a long time to make, and a photo-real cgi JLA movie is quite a big project.I'll try to find out more when I get back to the States,

Jawa Juice

INTERVIEW: Is Christian Bale In or Out of WB’s Justice League?

Well with all this talk about the JLA Movie it looks like someone over at IESB snagged a nice interview with Christian Bale. Bale says that he wasn't even asked to be in the new JLA movie, and from what I have been reading, and the news coming down the pipeline is that neither Routh or Bale or Welling for that matter is going to be in the JLA movie, and yes indeed it will be a CGI film.

INTERVIEW: Is Christian Bale In or Out of WB’s Justice League?

Written by IESB Staff
Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Earlier this week, the IESB broke the news that the WB Justice League film is coming Summer of 2009 with a first quarter 2008 production start date. Questions arose about Christian Bale’s potential involvement as the Dark Knight.

Today during the 3:10 to Yuma press junket the question on everyone’s lips?
Is Bale willing to put on the rubber suit once again for the upcoming JLA film?
Here’s the excerpt from an interview IESB’s Rachel Howard participated in and what Bale had to say:

Will Bale’s version of the Caped Crusader be part of Justice League of America? Bale says that he has not signed on to be part of the ensemble superhero pic.

Q: Are you doing Justice League after TDK?
Bale: No

IESB: Have you been approached for Justice League?
Bale: No

IESB: How would you feel about the studio recasting Batman for Justice League?
Bale: It’d be better if it doesn’t tread on the toes of what we’re doing, though I feel that it would be better if it comes out after Batman 3.

Can fans handle two Batmans on the big screen almost simultaneously? I honestly don’t know. Bale has really personified this character to the utmost…I can’t think of anyone else doing it justice after his portrayal.
Well, we’ll keep our bat-ears open and let you know as soon as we do!
UPDATE: There may be a very good reason why Bale and Routh are not doing Justice League, could it be a motion capture film?

Thursday, August 23, 2007


What the fuck is up with the Justice League movie? The rumors have been flying faster and more furious than Superman on his way to peek into Lois Lane’s house; since I liveblogged Christian Bale’s lack of enthusiasm for a Justice League movie while his Batman trilogy was still happening, more gossip has popped up at an alarming pace. Someone got the mogwai wet!The newest one comes from IESB, who say that they hear that the Justice League movie will be all CGI and done via mocap, like Beowulf. This doesn’t make a ton of sense to me for a couple of reasons, the biggest of which is that the mocap process takes forever, and Warner Bros isn’t going to hustle this thing into production just to get a movie that will come out in three or four years. But beyond that, I know of two fan-favorite directors who were approached for this project before rumored helmer George Miller came aboard, and neither of these directors are mocap people or were told it was mocap. That doesn’t mean that Miller isn’t pushing to make it mocap, but the vagueness of IESB’s source leads me to believe that if what the source is saying is true, there will be mocap ELEMENTS in the film, most likely the OMACs, who will be filling the role of cannon fodder bad guy. Click the link if you don't know what an OMAC is.Meanwhile, Moviehole – who has scary good contacts at Warner Bros –reports that neither Bale or Brandon Routh will be in the Justice League movie. Bale I get, since he doesn’t even like the idea, but why not Routh? Moviehole says Routh will return in the straight Superman Returns sequel, Man of Steel, but I’m of the growing majority who doesn’t believe that movie will ever happen. If that’s the case, Routh has just seen his career prison raped and shiv’ed. But who knows what the fuck is really going on anyway? Between Warner Bros’ deep interest in getting themselves a good franchise or six, the impending strike clouding all decision making, and the fact that even the best sources could misconstrue or misreport things, I’ve decided not to believe anything completely until I see it officially announced.

Source: CHUD
By Devin Faraci Contributing sources: IESB, Moviehole

JLA Movie Confirmed? Routh is One and Done?

I don't know if this is good news or bad news but the new JLA movie seems to be on the fact track, and from the looks of it now it will replace "Singerman of Steel" which is to be the followup to the biggest dissapointment in recent day!

Now they are saying that this JLA movie will be a CGI film, and thus not needed the services of Routh or Bale.

While I'm happy to know Routh is not needed I would have liked to have seen Bale in a JLA movie along with Ryan Reynolds as flash.

The WB really knows how to screw with the fans, and always finds a way to turn even the best of ideas into pure horse trash. Anyway here is the official news on the matter.

A casting director for the movie will be onboard next week and it's then that they'll be going after their tighted strongmen.
Director George Miller ("Mad Max") has some ideas who he'd like to cast as Batman and Superman but naturally, they mightn't be the same faces the WB want. Either way, doesn't sound like Christian Bale or Brandon Routh will be involved in the film. I assume that's a financial thing.
(Update : We have been informed by another source at Warner Bros that it will be an all-new cast and that Bale and Routh will NOT be back.)
So within the next month we should start seeing a few announcements about the movie.

Well I like George Miller as the director.... I think that was a good choice, and it makes more sense since the latest news is that it will be a CGI movie, and he just did a CGI movie.

But this guy also did MAD MAX, and so we know he can do live action! Why not let him do this movie live action? I can live without Routh as Superman but why not spring board Tom Welling, and Smallvilles JLA cast to the big screen, and give the fans the payoff they have been waiting for now for 6 years!?
Another bad move by the WB, and another missed chance.

"Let me clear some confusion, Batman and Superman are the central characters of the Justice League film that will now be played by different actors.
WB is looking for a complete new cast for the multi-hero team up and that casting will begin as early as next week.

The IESB has been told that early meetings have already taken place for certain key roles and to expect announcements very soon. Just in case there was any doubt, George Miller is 100% locked in as the director.
Once again, the confirmed heroes are Superman, Batman, the Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern.We are working on a couple of leads that are indicating what actors may be up for a couple key roles.

Well there you go folks... Looks like 2009 will be the year of the JLA!
Singerman 2 is looking less like it will happen... Even if this JLA movie is all CGI it will still help push back the sequel, and might put a nail in the coffin of it all together.

Especially if they screw up the script as badly as they did on SR...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Our first Blog!

Well as you can tell I liked what the site Singerman's Superman Sucks is doing in their bashing of Singerman, and love those Motivators while I was updating my site I said hey why don't I open up my own Blog, and use this blog as an outlet for me to talk about the problems with Singerman's Superman, and to showcase news, and some other stuff about which you won't be able to get on our main page...

I don't know how often I will update this blog but I will try to as we near the certain due date which is the day when the WB either gives the go ahead to the next Singerman movie or puts it in the back burner, and bury's it! Thus saving us from more bitching about how bad of a job Singer has done in the new Superman movie.

I know I have done my fair share of bitching, and while to me I can only say that I felt like it was just the day I sat in the theater, and watched Superman Returns.
What I saw made me ill to the pit of o my stomach!

Some of the people who post at the hype might know of an incident that took place when a conversation with myself, and a certain writer got leaked by a now dead website.
I know that some of you thought I was nuts back then but guess who laughed the hardest, and is going to laugh a whole lot harder once the WB picks JLA over Singerman II!

So anyway I hope you enjoy the site for what it's supposed to be!
An outlet for fans who felt betrayed, and upset over the craptacular job Singer did on Superman Returns.

I hope with all our help we could one day get the Superman movie we all want!
Personally I feel the best way to get the ship corrected is to dump Singer, Routh ect... And make this JLA movie I keep reading about.

But a nice touch would be if they use Tom Welling in the title role of Superman!
Actually the entire show Smallville as of late has become one big JLA pilot!
I wouldn't mind having the entire cast jump to the big screen in a big action packed JLA movie starring Tom Welling, and well now that we know Bale isn't going to be in it how about maybe getting Val Kilmer or Michael Keaton to come back to their respected Batman roles!?
I mean other then Bale those two Batman were wicked cool!

Clooney.... Not so cool... heh It's just sad that it takes a disaster like SR for the WB to listen to what the public wants.

They should have paid more attention to the growing cult following Welling is getting for his take on the Superman character, and understand that the fans, and Reeve passed the torch to him, and thus the fans feel they would be really cheated out if Welling never flies off wearing the suit!
As a fan of the character first I hated the fact that they would have 2 people playing the role at the same time. It watered down the fun of having a new Superman for this generation.

While I'm sure this Brandon Routh kid is a nice guy he just simply isn't a very convincing Superman! Even after a $300 million budgeted flop like SR Brandon isn't worthy of the title.
Besides the last man to wear the suit on the big screen already passed the torch, and the fans all have their SUPERMAN for this generation.

This is that man...