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Top 10 Most Memorable Comic Book Movie Trailers

For big screen comic book adaptations, fanboy word of mouth can be a double-edged sword. Everything is speculated on, from the possible casting of big-name celebs to play seminal villains or heroes right up to the possibilities of what might happen in the sequel. If there’s a hint of bad casting, constant script revisions or even the dreaded delay, a project can be dead in the water before the viral campaign can even begin.

In recognition of comic book movies, has compiled a list of the "Top 10 Most Memorable Comic Book Movie Trailers" of all time.

"Superman: The Movie" bows in at a very respectable #2 ranking; losing out only to the upcoming 2009 mega-picture "The Watchmen". Other films making the list are:

#3: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
#4: Batman Returns
#5: Iron Man
#6: Sin City
#7: The Dark Knight
#8: Hellboy
#9: Spider-Man 2
#10: 30 Days of Night

Check out all the trailers for these films at

The CW has released the following 20 images for the upcoming 11th episode of "Smallville" entitled "Legion" which will air at 8PM on Thursday, January

The CW also has released the following official description for the upcoming 11th episode of "Smallville" entitled "Legion". The episode will debut at 8pm on Thursday, January 15th on The CW:
"The aftermath of Doomsday's (Sam Witwer) attack on Chloe (Allison Mack) and Jimmy's (Aaron Ashmore) wedding leaves Clark (Tom Welling) in shock, but before he can search for the kidnapped Chloe, The Persuader (guest star Fraser Aithceson) appears and attacks him. Rokk (guest star Ryan Kennedy), Imra (guest star Alexz Johnson) and Garth (guest star Calum Worthy), also known as The Legion, step in from the future to help vanquish the Persuader and the group realizes Brainiac has taken over Chloe once again. Meanwhile, up at the Fortress, Chloe, as Brainiac, informs Davis he is Doomsday and was created to kill 'the other Kryptonian' and destroy the world."
The CW has also released the following second trailer for the "Legion" episode:
The CW has also released the official description for the 12th episode of Season 8 entitled "Bulletproof". This episode will air on Thursday, January 22nd:
"Clark discovers John Jones (guest star Phil Morris) was shot while working as a police officer, so Clark dons the uniform and goes undercover to find the culprit. Meanwhile, Lana (Kristin Kreuk) confronts Tess (Cassidy Freeman) and tells her Lex isn't the man she thinks he is. Lana's shocking news forces Tess to reevaluate her position as the head of Luthorcorp."
"Bulletproof" was written by Bryan Miller and directed by Morgan Beggs.

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John Glover Joining Cast of "Heroes"

Tony Award winner John Glover will be joining the cast of the NBC series Heroes, portraying the father of the show's main villain Sylar, according to His character will make his debut this spring.

Glover won his Tony for his performance in Love! Valour! Compassion! and recently received a 2008 Ovation Award for Secrets of the Trade. His numerous Broadway appearances include The Drowsy Chaperone, Tartuffe, Design for Living, and The Importance of Being Earnest.

In addition to his portrayal of Lex Luthor's father Lionel on the TV series Smallville, Glover also currently appears on ABC's Brothers & Sisters.

Kristen Kreuk Talks "Smallville" and "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li" recently caught up with Kristen Kreuk at Spike’s Video Game Awards and interviewed her about her new role in "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li" and why she will not disappoint her Smallville fans.

FearNet: Will you be popping up on Smallville anymore this season?
Kristen: I will. I have four more episodes that will air starting January 15th.

FearNet: Anything you can share with us?
Kristen: Lana is coming back after being away for a long time. The audience gets to find out what happened to her, what occurred during that time period. She’s very different when she comes back. Then she gets a beautiful send-off. She’s been a victim for so long, so she gets a beautiful send-off as a hero that her fans will really, really like.

FearNet: Is this the last season of Smallville?
Kristen: I don’t know. It depends on whatever goes on between Tom Welling and the powers that be. If there is another season, I won’t be there – that is all I know!

FearNet: Tell us about "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li".
Kristen: It’s the origin story of Chun-Li, what happens in her childhood and through her young adult years that causes her to become the fighter that she is. It’s kind of a spiritual journey in a lot of ways. A traditional kung-fu story where I’m very angry and going to go get revenge, but I find a master who teaches me to overcome my emotions so I can see the greater good, then become a stronger fighter because internally you have a greater strength.

FearNet: Do you have a martial arts background?
Kristen: A bit. I have a purple belt in karate, which I took between 5th grade and 10th grade. I also have a competitive gymnastics background. So all of that helps out. I did do five weeks of training for the film. I would have loved to have done more. I had such a good time.

FearNet: Did you do a lot of your own stunts?
Kristen: I did a bunch of stunts. I also had three stunt doubles – one of which was a man. Between all four of us, we covered it.

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If Clark Kent does make a cameo appearance in the up-coming Green Lantern movie, which actor would you like to see in the role?

Over at SUPERMAN HOME PAGE they have a new Poll, and well that's the question... GO Over, and vote!!! I voted for our generations SUPERMAN TOM WELLING!

Brandon Routh

Tom Welling
CGI Christopher Reeve
Some unknown actor
Some other well known actor

Votes: 354
Started: December 8 2008

[Polls Archive]
[Polls Archive #2]

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Season Eight of Smallville Marks End of Tom Welling's Contract

According to this week's TV Guide (via Aint it Cool), 31-year-old Tom Welling is as free as a bird after Smallville finishes it's eighth, and possibly last, season.

His contract with the show will be up and though the young actor hasn't exactly got a viable film career to jump into (besides the forgettable remake of "The Fog" that he did, the only other thing he seems to have going on on the big screen are those incessant "Cheaper with the Dozen" films, where he plays kid number 2) he's understandably going to be a little tired of playing a teenage Clark Kent and itching to play anything but for a while - even if that is Steve Martin's tweenage son in another umpteenth "Dozen" sequels.

Welling hasn't indicated one way or the other yet, but the fact that he's no longer legally obligated to file stories for The Daily Planet does suggest he might look for work elsewhere next year.

"Smallville" executive producer Darren Swimmer also tells TV Guide this week that he's prepared for a series finale if it comes to pass, but there are still a few things he wants to see Clark explore before everything is wrapped up. "Clark's now in full control of his powers and basically accepting the fact that he's going to become Superman," Swimmer said. "The formation of the dual identity is what he's going to be negotiating from here on out. He'll start to experiment."

If The CW does chop "Smallville", Swimmer also has a suggestion for them : Give "Martian Manhunter" (played by Phil Morris on the series) his own hourly adventure series. - SOURCE

Here I hope this opens the door for Tom to get the chance at playing the big screen SUPERMAN some time soon... I would love for the show to continue for another 2 seasons at least! But Id much rather see Tom on the big screen as SUPERMAN!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

YES!!! From the horses mouth it's self!!! Singer is not in talks for a SUPERMAN RETURNS Sequel!

UGO has posted an interview with Superman Returns director Bryan Singer, who goes a bit back and forth whether he's involved with the follow-up or not. Here's a clip:

JH: But there is talk of a new film, though. Are you officially involved in this talk of the new film?

BS: I am not officially involved in the talk, no.

JH: But when talk happens they�ll call you.

BS: Well it�s, you know, I have relationships with Warner Brothers and with the character and, and, and, and it�s just the way things work out.

JH: But you are not divorced from Superman at this point.

BS: No.

JH: All right.

Now understand he could still end up directing another SUPERMAN movie but odds are he wont I mean look how long it's taken to hear even this from him!
The WB are also tighter lipped about this subject then the JFK coverup!

Let's hope we get what WE THE FANS want... No Singer/Routh, and a movie with TOM WELLING as SUPERMAN.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Smallville Episode 10 "Bride" Details Announced

The CW have released the following description for the November 20th epsiode of Smallville entitled "Bride":
IT’S CHLOE AND JIMMY’S DREAM WEDDING DAY BUT TWO UNEXPECTED GUESTS CRASH THE PARTY — Chloe (Allison Mack) is excited that she’s marrying Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore) but is worried that Davis (Sam Witwer) will stop the wedding.

Meanwhile, Oliver (Justin Hartley) tells Clark (Tom Welling) he thinks he’s discovered where Lex is hiding and takes off to Cuba to confront him.

However, when he arrives, Oliver is shocked to find Lana (Kristin Kreuk) instead. Clark and Lois (Erica Durance) grow closer but chaos ensues when Doomsday crashes the wedding and tries to kidnap Chloe. Jeannot Szwarc directed the episode written by Al Septian & Turi Meyer.
The CW have also released the following trailer for "Bride":

Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Gala to take Place December 2nd

Making Magic Happen, the 4th Annual Los Angeles Gala for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, will take place at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA on Tuesday, December 2nd at 8PM.

This year's guests of honor are actress Jane Seymour who will receive the 2008 Philanthropy Award and former Indy Racing League Driver Sam Schmidt who will receive the 2008 Visionary Leadership Award.
Other celebrity guests scheduled to attend the charitable event are James Keach, Dave Annable, Lauren "Lo" Bosworth ("The Hills"), Kyle Chandler, Marcia Cross, Tony Dovolani ("Dancing with the Stars"), Jennie Garth, Kyle McLachlan, Brandon Routh, Edyta Sliwinska and Alec Mazo ("Dancing with the Stars"), and Wilmer Valderrama.

For ticket information or to make a donation, please contact the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Benefit Office at 310-264-9200 or visit

Christopher Reeve's Son On How To Make The Next Superman Movie: 'Just Be Original'

Many fans agree that there were a lot of things wrong with "Superman Returns" — but the filmmakers did manage to find an actor with an uncanny resemblance to the late Christopher Reeve. Was casting Brandon Routh a good thing? Does that honor Reeve’s memory?

Not necessarily, said Reeve’s son Matthew, during a recent fundraising event to benefit the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. "As far as we’re concerned, there’s only ever going to be one Superman," Matthew laughed. So instead of worrying whether they should keep Routh or try to cast yet another actor who looks like Christopher Reeve in the upcoming reboot, Matthew suggested that Warner Bros. focus more on the story this next time around.  "There were lots of plot lines established, and it was very faithful to the original Donner films and sequels. I’d be curious to know how some of those plot lines in the last one will be continued or abandoned. If you look at 'The Dark Knight,' that was a phenomenal movie, and hopefully they can do something as good with the next version of this one."
Matthew’s advice, then, was this: "There are lots of fans of the comics and the films my dad did and the new one, and you can never please everyone. So just be original and creative and exciting, and I’m sure it will be successful."

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What's Happening With The Superman Sequel?

There is a new comment on the post "What's Happening With The Superman Sequel?".

Author: Othoniel Rosado

Attention Fans: I have read all the comments about Superman that all of you have injected. I believe and honor the comments that 'Son of Sam' (10/11/'08) & 'Amiro' (10/21/'08) have injected; Tom Welling is the man to the Next Superman Hero to save the planet on the 'Big Screen' and 'BRANDON ROUTH' We all can relate to Tom Welling as the next 'SUPERMAN' like 'Son of Sam' mentioned 'Brandon Routh' Stinks. He is a very poor actor and does not relate with the Superman story.

What we need to do is, seek writer with creativity and vision and that can relate to the story of superman with Lois at his side. At all cost the Superman series should continue after the Big Movie In The Screen is shown.........Rosado - 11/11/'08.

See all comments on this post here:

EW's Michael Ausiello reveals that Tori Spelling will return to "Smallville" in Season 8...

EW's Michael Ausiello Reports
    Spelling has finalized a deal to return to Smallville as the Daily Planet's incredibly liquefying gossip columnist Linda Lake. The camptastic character, first introduced in a Jan. '07 episode, is unique among Smallville's long line of villains in one very significant way: She knows Clark's secret.
Spelling's return episode will air in early 2009.

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The Dark Knight Meets Superman has posted a new animated video titled "The Dark Knight Meets Superman" which has the following description:

"Batman faces his toughest adversary yet: real super powers."

Friday, October 17, 2008

"I was born on Krypton" OBAMA is SUPERMAN?

U.S.A. Presidential nominees, Barack Obama and John McCain attended the Al Smith Dinner in New York last night. During Senator Obama's speech he joked that he had been born on the planet Krypton and was sent to Earth by his father Jor-El to save the world.
You can watch the speech via YouTube.

The Krypton portion of the speech begins at the 5 minute 45 second mark.

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Cool Stuff: Superman Thinks Microwaves Are Just Too Slow T-Shirt

David Creighton-Pester wondered if Superman eats microwave dinners. The result is a new t-shirt design titled “Microwaves Are Just Too Slow” which shows a pop-art-styled superman taking matters into his own hands. Available on Threadless for $18.

Cool Stuff is a daily feature of Know of any geekarific creations or cool products which should be featured on Cool Stuff? E-Mail THEM at

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Richard Donner talks about the state of SUPERMAN while talking about Mel Gibson

Christopher_reeveLike so many people, I was a huge fan of Donner's 1978 "Superman" film and, in fact, I wrote a lengthy piece for the Los Angeles Times back in 2006Superman II," which reached theaters in 1980 in a very different form than Donner planned. There's been a lot of talk lately about the future cinema life of the first and greatest superhero, so I had to ask Donner what he thought of the talk that Warner Bros. would like to take the Man of Steel into darker terrain. when the filmmaker got to go back and re-cut the sequel, "

"I do think you could probably take Superman into some other areas today. I think maybe it's ready to break the mold slightly and bring a little greater sense of reality into it. Not contemporizing it to like today. Just making the heavies -- and the situation that is the tension piece -- a little more broken away from the comic-book character. It would take some tricky writing, some good acting and some good directing."

Bryan Singer's 2006 film, "Superman Returns," felt like a valentine to the Donner work on Superman and the older director received it with fondness. "I totally enjoyed it. I saw it just that once. I went to the theater not knowing anything. Bryan and I had spoken many times before but I didn't want to know anything about the film. I went as the audience. And I thought, 'Wow, he really nailed it.' There's that one scene, when that piano slid across the floor on the boat? I was startled. It was great."

What would Donner like to see next for the Last Son of Krypton? He didn't hesitate. "I'd like to see Geoff Johns take a crack at the Superman...I think he would be startling. Did you read his comics? There it is. It's there on paper." Johns is a star writer in comics, of course, but before that, the Detroit native worked in Donner's office as an assistant to the filmmaker. Once again, Donner thinks the smart way to do business is to put a premium on loyalty and good ideas. "The studio hasn't gone to him and said, 'Give us a screenplay.' That would be the smartthing to do, but that's show biz. Right? Show biz, that's our life." -- Geoff Boucher

Click to read the full interview with Richard Donner

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James Marsden Explains Why "Superman Returns" Didn’t Fly

In a recent interview with MTV, James Marsden talks about Superman and why he thinks audiences didn't react as well to "Superman Returns" as Warner Brothers Executives had hoped for. Enjoy the interview:

This guy doesn't get it! We don't want SUPERMAN to be dark! He is a character which should embody pure good!

He should never be dark! But the movie just sucked! It had no action, and while SUPERMAN can inspire love, and fight for "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" he should also have more then women issues to deal with.

How about giving him a bad guy to challenge his power, and have a real fight scene in the movie, and not just have him lift heavy things.

That gets boring real real quick... I especially think that also giving this generation their SUPERMAN is very important! Once a face is linked to a character like this there should never be two actors playing him at once, and believe me Brandon Routh was hurt by the fact that everyone see's Tom Welling as this generations SUPERMAN.

Routh didn't have a chance from the start, and it's sad for him because I'm sure he's a nice kid, and all but seriously he had no chance!

Kid lacked acting ability, got a craptacular script, and a director who's a total hack!!! And worst of all his badguy is going full retard with his latest land scheme that makes no sense!

Oh, and the fact that almost 90% of the crap Superman said we're lifted from the Reeve movies! That's sad! Talk about living in the mans shadows.

I would have much rather had Tom Welling in a big screen Superman movie, and or waited until the show was totally off air before I re-started the series with just the right actor who could take the title of "This generations Superman."

If Tom Welling never wears the suit it will be a sad thing because so many fans want to see him as SUPERMAN! He just simply looks the part, and for now going on 8 seasons he has become the mental picture we get when we think of what
SUPERMAN looks like.

He has the same charm in the role that Chris Reeve had, and his acting sometimes reminds me of George Reeves!

So given all this Brandon seriously had no chance, and still it's sad that all this time later these people just don't seem to get it.

SUPERMAN is not a dark character!!!!! But DOOMSDAY IS! Brainiac is, and Lex should be pure evil!!! Not some rich widow with a grudge for SUPERMAN!

Give SUPERMAN the right actor (Welling) right director, Writers, and a supporting cast that rivals that on the Nolan/Batman movies, and I am 100% positive that the movie will bank!

Give the fans what they want! It's like Field of Dreams! "If you build it they will come!"

Superman/Superboy Lawsuit in WB Quarterly Report has published the Time Warner Inc. Q-10 quarterly report, which has a summary of the on-going lawsuit over the rights to Superman and Superboy.

On October 8, 2004, certain heirs of Jerome Siegel, one of the creators of the 'Superman' character, filed suit against the Company, DC Comics and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. Plaintiffs' complaint seeks an accounting and demands up to one-half of the profits made on Superman since the alleged April 16, 1999 termination by plaintiffs of Siegel's grants of one-half of the rights to the Superman character to DC Comics' predecessor-in-interest. Plaintiffs have also asserted various Lanham Act and unfair competition claims, alleging 'wasting' of the Superman property by DC Comics and failure to accord credit to Siegel. The Company answered the complaint and filed counterclaims on November 11, 2004, to which plaintiffs replied on January 7, 2005. On April 30, 2007, the Company filed motions for partial summary judgment on various issues, including the unavailability of accounting for pre-termination and foreign works. On March 26, 2008, the court entered an order of summary judgment finding, among other things, that plaintiffs' notices of termination were valid and that plaintiffs' had thereby recaptured, as of April 16, 1999, their rights to a one-half interest in the Superman story material, as first published, but that the accounting for profits would not include profits attributable to foreign exploitation, republication of pre-termination works and trademark exploitation. The remaining issues in the case are scheduled for trial starting in November 2008. The Company intends to defend against this lawsuit vigorously.

On October 22, 2004, the same Siegel heirs filed a second lawsuit against the Company, DC Comics, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Warner Communications Inc. and Warner Bros. Television Production Inc. in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. Plaintiffs claim that Jerome Siegel was the sole creator of the character Superboy and, as such, DC Comics has had no right to create new Superboy works since the alleged October 17, 2004 termination by plaintiffs of Siegel's grants of rights to the Superboy character to DC Comics' predecessor-in-interest. This lawsuit seeks a declaration regarding the validity of the alleged termination and an injunction against future use of the Superboy character. Plaintiffs have also asserted Lanham Act and unfair competition claims alleging false statements by DC Comics regarding the creation of the Superboy character. The Company answered the complaint and filed counterclaims on December 21, 2004, to which plaintiffs replied on January 7, 2005. The case was consolidated for discovery purposes with the 'Superman' action described immediately above. The parties filed cross-motions for summary judgment or partial summary judgment on February 15, 2006. In its ruling dated March 23, 2006, the court denied the Company's motion for summary judgment, granted plaintiffs' motion for partial summary judgment on termination and held that further proceedings are necessary to determine whether the Company's Smallville television series may infringe on plaintiffs' rights to the Superboy character. On January 12, 2007, the Company filed a motion for reconsideration of the court's decision granting plaintiffs' motion for partial summary judgment on termination. On April 30, 2007, the Company filed a motion for summary judgment on non-infringement of Smallville. On July 27, 2007, the court granted the Company's motion for reconsideration, reversing the bulk of the March 23, 2006 ruling, and requested additional briefing on certain issues. On March 31, 2008, the court, among other things, denied the Company's summary judgment motion as moot in view of the court's July 27, 2007 reconsideration ruling. To the extent any issues remain, the Company intends to defend against this lawsuit vigorously.

You can find the full Q-10 report at the website.

The CW have released the official synopsis for 'Smallville' season 8, episode 5 - "Committed"

The CW have released the official synopsis for 'Smallville' season 8, episode 5 - "Committed": The episode is expected to air October 16th at 8pm ET.

After they leave their engagement party, Chloe (Allison Mack) and Jimmy (Aaron Ashmore) are abducted by a psychotic jeweler (guest star David Lewis) who was emotionally scarred by his wife’s infidelity and is now kidnapping couples and subjecting them to a kryptonite-enhanced lie detector that shocks them if they lie. The abductor asks Chloe if she is in love with anyone else. Meanwhile, in an effort to find Chloe and Jimmy, Clark (Tom Welling) and Lois (Erica Durance) pose as a couple and are kidnapped themselves then, asked how they feel about each other. Allison Mack and Erica Durance also star. Glen Winter directed the episode written by Bryan Q. Miller.

Justice League Movie Updates

JLA Fan Poster

E! Online have posted an article discussing the the status of the Justice League film and what the future holds for the project. Here's an excerpt:

Superman vs. Batman didn't fly. A hyped Aquaman TV show went belly-up without ever airing and the movie is an Entourage joke. A Wonder Woman movie is struggling to get off the drawing board.

The heroes may be down, but they're definitely not out.

In news guaranteed to give fanboys conniptions, Warner Bros. is developing an ambitious feature film based on DC Comics' Justice League of America that will gather together some of the biggest superheroes, according to Daily Variety.

"The Justice League of America has been a perennial favorite for generations of fans, and we believe their appeal to film audiences will be as strong and diverse as the characters themselves," the studio's president of production, Jeff Robinov, told the trade.

Armie Hammer, the unknown picked to play Batman in the film, went on to tell E! Online that the Justice League actors endured months of vomit inducing physical training, and that he actually got to try on the Batsuit.

Considering that back in August, Robinov said that the studio has backed away from the Justice League film and has decided to go a different route and the fact that IESB reported just previous to Robinov's statements that George Miller is off the project, it is quite stretch to believe that the film is currently moving forward.

We will keep you updated as any further news becomes available.

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Exclusive Video Interview: Cassidy Freeman of 'Smallville' Answers Fan Questions for

Cassidy Freeman is the newest actress to join the cast of Smallville, whose eighth season debuts tonight on the CW. With the departure of Michael Rosenbaum from the cast, Smallville needs a new resident baddie, and that person will be Cassidy Freeman's Tess Mercer.

With Lex Luthor missing in action, Tess Mercer has control of his estate and all his holdings. This means that she'll also be running the Daily Planet, so she'll no doubt be butting heads with Clark (Tom Welling) and Lois (Erica Durance) soon enough. 

judithharris2 said: I haven]t watched it yet but I am very interested to see how the season develops especially Doomsday see all » hikinggirl70 said: Cassidy sounds like a great new addition to the Smallville cast. I can't wait to see how her character inte... see all »

said: see all »

The character of Tess Mercer is new to the Superman universe. Her name was inspired by Miss Teschmacher and Mercy Graves, Lex's loyal assistants from the movies. It's great to have a character without any prior baggage on this show; it'll be interesting to see where the new showrunners take her this season.BuddyTV got a chance to hang out with Cassidy at the Smallville studio for a little while after she was done filming for the day. We interviewed her in the set of Tess Mercer's office. She had just finished shooting a contentious Tess-Clark scene there with Tom Welling.

As you can see from the photo above, Cassidy's adorable dog joined us for the interview. Unfortunately, I don't speak dog, so I didn't get to ask it any personal questions about Cassidy.One thing about Cassidy is that she seems like a really fun person, and the entire crew unanimously talks about the great energy she brings to the set.

Smallville has been around for so many years that it must be nice to have some new faces to work with. She's also very down-to-earth. W.en I told her that I'd be asking her questions from fans, she said something along the lines of, “That's a lie. I don't have fans yet. This can't be real.”So please enjoy the video below of Cassidy Freeman answering your questions.

I know that it's very short – we only had time to ask her two questions – but I promise that there will be more from our conversation later. Please change your YouTube settings to “high quality” for best results.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Superman Comics Shipping This Week

Diamond Comics has released the list of comic books and other items shipping this week. Here are the Superman related items in that list...
Shipping This Week: September 17, 2008

The following products are expected to ship to comic book specialty stores this week. Note that this list is tentative and subject to change. Please check with your retailer for availability.

  • TRINITY #16
  • Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    'superstar' artist Jim Lee in the production of DC Universe Online MMO as the game's scribe.

    DC Universe

    Sony Online Entertainment has revealed that Geoff Johns, one of the key writers from DC Comics, will join 'superstar' artist Jim Lee in the production of DC Universe Online MMO as the game's scribe.

    Johns currently writes key titles such as Action Comics (the longest-running Superman title) and Green Lantern, having written the likes of the blockbuster Infinite Crisis, Teen Titans and The Flash in the past. In a nutshell - he knows his DC comics. He calls himself a gamer, listing the like of Halo 3, Call of Duty 4 and GTAIV among his favourites.

    Speaking about what we should expect of the game, Johns said that things will kick off in true comics style with a 'secret origin'. "In a secret origin, something happens to you and you make a choice; what are you going to do?... There are lots of different stories or offshoots you can do. The story that I've created, is really just the first story but within that story, there are dozens and dozens of others."

    He also hinted further about crossover between the comics and the game, saying, "There are some things in it [the game] from there that for people who know my stuff will be familiar. And there might be certain pieces of stories or certain big stories that might be adapted later on. But for now, the first big story is the secret origin story."

    Earlier in the year Jim Lee, executive creative director on the game, hinted that we may see elements of the game being brought into the comics, too.

    This will be the first time Johns has been officially teamed up with Lee (Batman, Superman, X-Men).

    No longer up in the sky, The Man of Steel & his superhero brothers (& sisters) have landed at the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage in Beachwood, Ohio.

    Visitors to the special exhibit "Zap! Pow! Bam! The Superhero: The Golden Age of Comic Books, 1938-1950" can learn all about those legendary characters who fought evil and injustice. They can also learn about their predominantly Jewish creators.

    The exhibit, which opens September 16th and runs through January 4th, will delight visitors of all ages. It has a high nostalgia quotient for those who grew up during the 1930s and '40s, some of whom may have been Glenville classmates of Superman's co-creators Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel. Baby boomers, too, will get a kick out of revisiting the diversions of their youth, whose characters were popularized even further by television in the 1950s. The historical significance of the comics may be lost on the youngest visitors, but they'll be tickled by a ride in an original, kid-sized, mechanized Batmobile, or a chance to emerge in full superhero regalia from a vintage phone booth.

    Originally developed by The William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum in Atlanta, the exhibit's guest curator was Jerry Robinson, who worked with Batman creator Bob Kane. Robinson is credited with naming Batman’s young protégé Robin and co-creating Batman’s nemesis, The Joker. Many items from Robinson’s personal collection are on display.

    The exhibit describes the genesis of the American comic book as a 20th century phenomenon, with roots in the 19th century pulp paper magazines and dime novels. Initially, the books were comprised of reprints of strips from the Sunday newspapers reduced to half-tabloid size. These were hugely successful and by the mid-1930s publishers ran out of previously printed material and began to employ writers and artists to create new stories. This creative opportunity was particularly attractive to many young, educated, ambitious Jewish men in New York City who were out of work during the Depression.

    "Zap! Pow! Bam!" includes over 70 artifacts n vintage artwork, rare early comic books, scripts and original toys and games. Visitors can listen to audio interviews with many of the superheroes' creators, and view 1940s serials in the old-time movie theater. Those who get footsore can peruse an assortment of vintage comics while they rest a bit on a thoughtfully placed park bench.

    For more information and ticket prices, call 216-593-0575 or check out the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage website.

    DC Comics have released their December, 2008 solicitations featuring images for new comics and products.

    Christopher Reeve as Superman StatueOne new item that fans have been requesting from DC Direct for years is the official first ever "CHRISTOPHER REEVE AS SUPERMAN STATUE" sculpted by Karen Palinko.

    Official Description

    It’s the quintessential Man of Steel!

    One of the most fondly remembered depictions of Superman is now available as a commemorative statue exclusively from DC Direct. Christopher Reeve strikes an iconic pose from the classic 1978 feature film Superman – the movie that made the world believe “a man could fly” and turned the actor into a star.

    Standing atop an S-shield base, the Christopher Reeve as Superman Statue is a limited-edition, hand-painted, cold-cast porcelain statue.

    This amazing statue will be available in May of 2009 and will retail for $195. Also, please note that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this item will be donated to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

    Click here to check out the DC Comics December 2008 solicitations for all the Superman-related comics and products to be released soon.

    Save the home where SUPERMAN was created!

    More than $53,000 was raised as of Tuesday, September 16th to save the Glenville house where young Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created Superman.

    Early Tuesday morning, sales in the second of four eBay auctions reached $18,996. That, combined with last week's auction proceeds of $34,459, puts the two-week total at $53,455, surpassing the original goal of $50,000. Two more week-long auctions will be held over the next two weeks.

    The money will be used to replace the roof and rebuild the exterior of the former home of Jerry Siegel on Kimberly Avenue on Cleveland's East Side in the coming weeks.

    Money raised in excess of $50,000 goal will be used for interior repairs and other work.

    The Cleveland-based Siegel and Shuster Society and novelist Brad Meltzer came up with the idea to raise money to restore the house by asking comic book and Hollywood royalty to contribute art or unique opportunities to be sold over the Internet in four auctions this month.

    The biggest seller in the most recent auction was a drawing by Superman artist Curt Swan, which sold for $7,600. The biggest seller so far was $14,101 for a piece by artist Jim Lee, which would depict Superman and the auction winner.
    Upcoming auction items include a walk-on role on television's "Heroes"; a Superman T-shirt autographed by Jerry Siegel and original art by Alex Ross, Adam Kubert, John Buscema and Paul Dini. Click here to view a complete list of the auction items.

    Brad Meltzer at Jerry Seigel's Childhood Home

    Four new clips from the Season 8 premiere of Smallville + Spoiler Pictures!

    Warner Brothers has provided with four brand new clips from the Season 8 premiere of Smallville, which returns to the CW Network on Thursday, September 18 at 8PM ET. Click below to get some sneak peeks of the premiere episode entitled "Odyssey" before you tune in.





    Cassidy Freeman (Tess Mercer) & Sam Witwer (Doomsday/Davis Bloome) Smallville: The Complete Seventh Season DVD (Back Cover) Sam Witwer (Doomsday/Davis Bloome) Charlotte Sullivan is Maxima





    Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey





    Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey





    Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey





    Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey





    Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey Season 8, Episode 1: Odyssey





    Season 8, Episode 2: Plastique Season 8, Episode 2: Plastique Season 8, Episode 2: Plastique Season 8, Episode 2: Plastique





    Season 8, Episode 2: Plastique Season 8, Episode 2: Plastique Season 8, Episode 2: Plastique Season 8, Episode 2: Plastique






    The CW has released 12 stills (pictured below) from "Smallville" season 8, episode 3, entitled "Toxic". The new episode, which airs October 2nd at 8pm, explores the origins of the Green Arrow and brings doomsday one step closer. Here's how the CW describes the show:
    Oliver Flashes Back To His Days On The Island And Learns More About His Parents’ Demise — Oliver (Justin Hartley) collapses at a charity event and reveals he only has 24 hours to live. Clark (Tom Welling) and Chloe (Allison Mack) call Davis (Sam Witwer) for help but his prognosis is grim. Delirious, Oliver flashes back to when he was stranded on an island and first learned how to use a bow and arrow. He also recalls meeting Tess (Cassidy Freeman) for the first time on that island after she had been kidnapped by a drug runner. Meanwhile, Chloe decides to use her new powers to help save Oliver, shocking Clark. Mairzee Almas directed the episode written by Caroline Dries