Monday, September 29, 2008

James Marsden Explains Why "Superman Returns" Didn’t Fly

In a recent interview with MTV, James Marsden talks about Superman and why he thinks audiences didn't react as well to "Superman Returns" as Warner Brothers Executives had hoped for. Enjoy the interview:

This guy doesn't get it! We don't want SUPERMAN to be dark! He is a character which should embody pure good!

He should never be dark! But the movie just sucked! It had no action, and while SUPERMAN can inspire love, and fight for "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" he should also have more then women issues to deal with.

How about giving him a bad guy to challenge his power, and have a real fight scene in the movie, and not just have him lift heavy things.

That gets boring real real quick... I especially think that also giving this generation their SUPERMAN is very important! Once a face is linked to a character like this there should never be two actors playing him at once, and believe me Brandon Routh was hurt by the fact that everyone see's Tom Welling as this generations SUPERMAN.

Routh didn't have a chance from the start, and it's sad for him because I'm sure he's a nice kid, and all but seriously he had no chance!

Kid lacked acting ability, got a craptacular script, and a director who's a total hack!!! And worst of all his badguy is going full retard with his latest land scheme that makes no sense!

Oh, and the fact that almost 90% of the crap Superman said we're lifted from the Reeve movies! That's sad! Talk about living in the mans shadows.

I would have much rather had Tom Welling in a big screen Superman movie, and or waited until the show was totally off air before I re-started the series with just the right actor who could take the title of "This generations Superman."

If Tom Welling never wears the suit it will be a sad thing because so many fans want to see him as SUPERMAN! He just simply looks the part, and for now going on 8 seasons he has become the mental picture we get when we think of what
SUPERMAN looks like.

He has the same charm in the role that Chris Reeve had, and his acting sometimes reminds me of George Reeves!

So given all this Brandon seriously had no chance, and still it's sad that all this time later these people just don't seem to get it.

SUPERMAN is not a dark character!!!!! But DOOMSDAY IS! Brainiac is, and Lex should be pure evil!!! Not some rich widow with a grudge for SUPERMAN!

Give SUPERMAN the right actor (Welling) right director, Writers, and a supporting cast that rivals that on the Nolan/Batman movies, and I am 100% positive that the movie will bank!

Give the fans what they want! It's like Field of Dreams! "If you build it they will come!"

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