Tuesday, January 6, 2009

POLL: Tom Welling vs. Brandon Routh

People have been arguing weather Brandon Routh or Tom Welling should be this GENERATIONS SUPERMAN! My vote went to Welling! Even that ugly ass suit looks cool when you put it on Welling! Routh just looked weird in it.

Now lets see who is the better superman. (note that this isnt real, just made by fans) This is kinda like voting for presidents but different. who ever has the highest vote is the best superman.

Tom Welling- 
If you vote for me i'll make sure everything in the new superman will be like you want it. It will be perfect. You will have the villians you want and the heroes you want.

Brandon Routh- If you vote for me, The new superman movie will be more better than what i did for superman returns. Vote for me and you'll have a perfect movie and i will do the same for The Justice Leauge movie.

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