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New interview with Kristen Kreuk [Lana Lang], Sam Witwer [Davis Bloom/Doomsday], Erica Durance [Lois Lane] Aaron Ashmore [Jimmy Olsen]

Metro Newspaper columnist Andrew Williams recently conducted an interview with Kristen Kreuk on her work on "Smallville" as well as her blossuming movie career in such films as "Partition" and "Street Fighter: The Legend on Chin-Li". Here's an excerpt:

Metro: You shot the film "Partition" in India. Did you have a spiritual experience?

Kreuk: No. I only had two weeks off doing Smallville to shoot this film so I worked the whole time. I had one day off to go to see the Golden Temple.

I went back the following Christmas to travel properly. I went from Delhi through Kerala up to Mumbai. I love the people and the culture. I’m allergic to a lot of the food, though.

Metro: It feels like you’ve been on Smallville since time began. Aren’t you sick of it?

Kreuk: I’m only in five episodes in the new season. I finish up my storyline and I’ve moved on. I’ve been doing Smallville since I was 18 so it’s been my whole adult life.

Metro: Why did you want to leave?
Kreuk: I love the people and it’s a wonderful show to work on but I realised there were things I couldn’t do due to the schedule on Smallville. Lana has changed so much since the first season so she was always fun to play. I just wanted to try something else. It’s not that I was bored with the show.

Metro: You’re in the new Street Fighter film – how are your martial arts skills?

Kreuk: Pretty decent. I did karate, dance and gymnastics when I was growing up so I was good at the wire work for the fight scenes. I spent five weeks training with stunt coordinators. I don’t know if I could kick your a** if we met on the street but I’m decent at looking like I’m good at fighting.

Check out the complete interview at the Metro Newspaper website.

Starry Constellation Magazine writer Lisa Steinberg recently conducted an interview with Smallville Season 8 newcomer Sam Witwer on his role as Davis Bloom/Doomsday. Here's an excerpt:
Steinberg: What can you tell us is new this season on "Smallville" and about your character Davis?
Witwer: They have some really interesting, fun stuff planned. Davis Bloom is this Metropolis paramedic who is this really, really nice guy. He's a little bit moody because he's this perpetual outsider who was raised in the foster care system and was bounced from home to home. He's a really good guy and he can be a little bit moody and not terribly talkative at times but a very, very cool person. Chloe sort of recognizes that this is someone of her interest and they strike up a fast friendship. The problem is that Davis is having these blackouts and as they happen more and more frequently he becomes curious about what is happening during these blackout periods. He tries to figure out and unravel this mystery and what he finds out is really not so great. What's fun about that whole storyline is pretty much the how, it's not nearly as straight forward as that, we're going to be having a lot of fun with that. When I say fun, hopefully fun for the audience, not as much fun for the character Davis Bloom. What would it be like for you found out you were the exact opposite of everything you ever tried to be in life. Basically the fun, if you could use that word, is to create this character and as we get to know him slowly take him apart and drag him through the mud a little bit. Certainly the fun of it as an actor is the challenge. The word fun will enter into it as we get into the darker aspects which are psychologically draining as an actor. It's cool that we get to play both extremes with this character.
Steinberg: Davis does eventually become Doomsday, did you have any reservation about taking on such a well known comic book character?
Witwer: Yeah, some, comic book fans, Sci-Fi fans, these are people who have a very specific taste and then there are always the vocal ones that don't like what you do no matter what. I feel like I am prepared for that and I've done enough work in that entire arena to be prepared for whatever may come as a result. I'm here to do as I am told, I am here to do as good a job as I can and interpret as well as I can. Hopefully people like it, I'd love it if people liked it.
Check out the complete interview at the Starry Constellation Magazine website. recently conducted an interview with Erica Durance about the upcoming season of Smallville. Here's an excerpt from part one of the interview:
TVGuideFirst things first: How many episodes do we have you for this season?
Erica DuranceAll I know is I'm doing more than my 13, but they wont tell me how many yet.
TVGNow that we're doing Lois and Clark at the "Daily Planet," do you feel as if, more than ever, all eyes are on you?
EDI would go crazy if I felt deeply that way. I would go insane! But what I do feel, because we're moving more towards that mythos, is that I have a lot more to do in each episode.
I'm more involved, Lois is finding herself more, and she definitely is becoming that journalist that everyone loves.
She's brushing shoulders with Clark a lot, so we have a lot of fun interplay.
She'll go to investigate something, thinking that she's the one solving the problem, and meanwhile he's speeding around saving her a lot. It's quite funny.
TVGObviously it's a very important turn that the show is taking. Have you and Tom Welling sat down to discuss how you're going to approach it?
EDThe way it works, and it happened when I first came to the show, is you come together with your cast members and the producers and go over the flavor of what's happening with your story. And every year, I'm on the periphery but I grow a little bit. When this year came around and it became clear where they wanted to take things, yeah, it was discussed. We take it very seriously, to make sure that we're doing it justice and making these characters lovable. The big flag I'm waving all the time is to make sure that Lois is intelligent and fun and lovable so that the audience will like the fact that Clark likes her, instead of going...
TVGAt the "Daily Planet," will we see Lois and Clark more as partners or as rivals?
EDYou get a little bit of both. That's what's been fun about the relationship, these moments where they're going head-to-head and then pull together when they have to, when the stakes are really high. Those moments where one of them goes, "You know what, you did do a good job." And the writers have been really good this year dropping little bombs of, "Oh my god, do they really love each other? Does she really love him?" There's a lot of that.
TVGOK... What about talk that Clark will offer Lois a place to stay at the Kent farm?
EDYes. Yes, he does offer her a place to stay, and she's avoiding the issue right now. There's a lot of things that happen in the scenes I'm doing where you definitely see that she is in love with Clark. She's doesn't want him to know, but she does realize her real feelings for him. She just doesn't know what to do with them. And they're going to build on that. But we're only on Episode 5, so I don't know what's in the great future.
Check out the complete interview at and check in next week for part two of TVGuide's interview with Erica Durance.

Aaron recently visited the set of Smallville and sat down with Aaron Ashmore to find out where Jimmy Olsen figures into the story this year. Here's an excerpt:
IGN: Two years ago, you were the new guy. Now, do you find yourself giving the newest cast members, like Sam Witwer ["Davis Bloome"] and Cassidy Freeman ["Tess Mercer"] info if they have questions?
Aaron Ashmore: Yeah, kind of, but Allison [Mack] said something to me the other day. She was talking about something [from an earlier season] and I said, "Oh, I wasn't here." She's just like, "…Oh yeah! You've only been around for a couple of years!" It's that thing where it all melds together and I don't feel like I can lead everyone around and be like, "So look, this is how this works!" It's not so much that, but it's cool to have new people come in and it's great energy. It's fun to have new people to play with, so it's cool.
IGN: Last we saw, you'd just proposed and then your possible fiancĂ© was dragged away in front of you for some big legal issues. So that begs two questions – what's going on with a potential marriage and also what's going on with Chloe's legal woes?
AA: Well, it's amazing how legal situations, if you have an in, you can just get somebody to sneak you out of that. So, that plays out how it's going to – it's a plot point and I don't want to give anything away too much. But the marriage thing, yeah, we're going towards a marriage, which is very exciting and kind of fun, because I'm 28 years old and nowhere near ready to get married and not in that position at all. So it's kind of interesting to just be going through this stuff. Like, they're having an engagement party and all these kind of things that lead up to a marriage. So it's actually kind of an interesting spot to be at. But there are some kinks along the road, so we'll see. I'm still curious, are we gonna get to the marriage? There's bound to be some things that are gonna pop up and stuff, so I'm curious to see how it plays out myself.
IGN: Can you talk a bit about some of the episodes and storylines you're involved with as we begin Season 8?
AA: Well, a lot of it is revolving around the marriage and that idea of the lead up to that. There's a great episode called "Committed" and I don't want to give too much away, but basically Chloe and Jimmy get kidnapped by this psychopath and locked in a basement. He hooks them up to these electric chairs and he basically is so obsessed with truth and commitment and faith to the other person that you're going to settle down with for the rest of your life. He sets up this test where if you're lying, he's going to kill you. So the way to get out of this is to be truthful and not be lying. Don't have secrets; not cheating. So there's this amazing set up as to are they right for each other? Can they end up together? The secrets that they both have, is that going to destroy them? That to me is a great episode.
There's a little bit of development with going after stories. Davis Bloome helps Jimmy out on a ride along in an ambulance, trying to track down this killer that's totally demolishing Metropolis. It's kind of cool how they can incorporate things and everybody kind of bumps into each other and helps each other out.
Check out the complete interview at

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