Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's Happening With The Superman Sequel?

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Author: Othoniel Rosado

Attention Fans: I have read all the comments about Superman that all of you have injected. I believe and honor the comments that 'Son of Sam' (10/11/'08) & 'Amiro' (10/21/'08) have injected; Tom Welling is the man to the Next Superman Hero to save the planet on the 'Big Screen' and 'BRANDON ROUTH' We all can relate to Tom Welling as the next 'SUPERMAN' like 'Son of Sam' mentioned 'Brandon Routh' Stinks. He is a very poor actor and does not relate with the Superman story.

What we need to do is, seek writer with creativity and vision and that can relate to the story of superman with Lois at his side. At all cost the Superman series should continue after the Big Movie In The Screen is shown.........Rosado - 11/11/'08.

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