Friday, August 24, 2007

The WB in talks with TOM WELLING to have him star in the new JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE!!!

The good folks over on "Attack of the Show" along with "IESB" re reporting that the WB company are in talks with actor Tom Welling, and the producers on the show "SMALLVILLE" to get him as the Superman for the JLA movie which is coming out in 2009, and from this report it looks like it's going to be live action after all but with some "CGI Motion Capture" in it for the FX. (Thank god!)

This would be about the best news in the last decade, and if this comes true, and the Singerman sequel is scrapped I will no longer have a need for this site, and would close it or change the name, and keep it Superman related.

Tom Welling is this Generations face to the character SUPERMAN, and to never get to see him in the suit or on the big screen would not only be the biggest waste in the history of comic book cinema but would also cheat the fans of what could be a rather wonderful movie.

The guy simply embodies the role better then Routh, and then most actors who I have seen, and it's no wonder why Al & Miles (The Smallville producers/creators) wanted him for the role so badly that they kept pushing even after he turned them down.

Also Welling was always open to take the leap to the big screen suit, and all but Singer had a vision which wouldn't be able to work with Welling in the suit.

Tom's Superman is current, and for this generation... Routh is 20 years to late, and to be honest not something I feel anyone really wants to see more off.

So if this is real news, and please take it with a grain of salt here! But if true then the WB could be heading in the right direction for the first time in a long time when it comes to the Superman character.

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UPDATE: Here's a clip of the interview:

UPDATE: Looks like "SMHP" has called shenanigans or as the folks over on Singermans Superman Sucks say "BS" on IESB for the Welling rumore, and for some really stupid, and crazy reason they went, and flagged down one of the producers of Smallville, and they asked Al Gough if this was true, and seriously expected him to give them an honest response (Hey Younis, ever hear of an NDA??).

"IESB" Is sticking by their guns, and while they have been wrong in the past this one seems like a solid rumore as it's starting to break everywhere! So they called BS right back on SMHP. I hope that IESB is right so let's wait to see how things play themself's out here... It's going to be an interesting rest of 2007 that's for sure. If IESB is wrong they might lose all credibility, and that's something they don't want to do so I think they will be proven right because this is a big big news!

This is the news that MILLIONS of people have been waiting for now for years!

More on this as it becomes available.

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