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WB trying to get Justice League for Pre-Strike Start! (Confirmed by L.A Times)

Well I hope that "IESb" isn't wrong with their Welling prediction, and to be honest I also have an "inside" source over in Hollywood, and while I can say that yes Welling is the studios number 1 choice other actors are also being looked at but Welling is their most serious candidate, and from what I was told it's all a matter of the WB giving him a contract to sign right now.

They have gotten a "YES" from Welling, and his agent, and the producers for Smallville who are working out the kinks on how to make this happen, and in fact they didn't lie at all! Welling is indeed tied to Smallville for season 7, and 8! But here is the catch!

The WB is thinking of having Clark leave Smallville half way into season 8, and switch the shows focus on Kara his cousin aka Super-girl.

Lois, Chloe, and a few others in the cast would remain, and also even heard that Perry White might make a comeback.

The way things look is that they will rush to get this into production because of the up coming strike, and shoot as much as they can while Welling is off from the show, and then he will go back to the show, and film as much of season 8 as needed, and leave the show to finish the movie. Remember when the season airs most of the episodes have had been shot by then, and so to make their target date which allows them a good release date they need to work out the logistics of how it can be done.

I also hear that the target date for the movie is summer 2009, and like I said Welling is a lock but his contract isn't done yet, and things need to be ironed out, and also my source also told me that Eddie Brock, and Venom were both in Spiderman 3 many many months before Marvel said anything about him, and so he is IRON clad.
Just ask the people at if I was right about that! Oh that's right Aaron closed shop... Poor kid couldn't pay his bill.

So yes the people at got it half right, and that's because the producers on the show Smallville are not allowed to leak any information, and if they know that some dickhead from a Superman website is asking them something that is Top secret they will give you the answer that they see fit.

They said that Welling is tied into Smallville for Season 7, and 8 which is true.
But they aren't going to tell you the entire story, and unless you know how things work in making a show then you wouldn't know that when season 7 ends the entire cast would already have been off for many weeks, and thus giving Tom more then enough time to shoot a lot of his stuff before he has to go back into filming for the show, and yes season 8 is his last because he will continue to play the role on the big screen after that in the new JLA movies.

Yes I said "movies!" Because if this one is a big hit then you can bet there would be more coming, and with this strike needing movies to go into production by March 1st well unless Singer is a magician he won't make it, and his movie will get delayed even more which would mean that he wont be ready until the time around when JLA is coming out into theaters, and if that's a big big hit then you can forget ever watching Singerman again on a big screen.

I can also say that the WB originally thought of another actor, and one who once died for our sins for the role but he was rather mad at Singer/WB for casting Routh, and has sworn off every working in a Superhero movie now... Besides he is way to old for the part if you ask me.

If this was Kingdom Come then maybe... But they didn't bother to ask him, and focused on Welling mostly due to the over whelming amount of people who want Welling in the role! The WB when casting Superman Returns never knew that Welling was this popular!

Some could say that Mr Welling not being cast in Superman Returns might have been the reason why the movie tanked.

Remember Superman the movie also had a weak story, and bad acting but the fact that they nailed the perfect actor for the role of Superman made that movie, and it's sequels good, and worth watching.

Tom Welling is without a doubt the face of Superman for this generation, and so the WB felt that they should give the fans what they want.

Of course if they now pick another actor then that would just continue the trend of them not giving a crap about what the fans want in their comic book movies... I hope the WB got it's act together because we need a good Superman movie after JLA hits big, and believe me with Welling in the title role of Superman that movie will be amazing!

To bad BALE doesn't want to do it or won't because he would be a perfect person for the part... I personally hate how many faces have played BATMAN, and I hate when a character this big is played by more then 1 actor in that Generation.

That's what ruined the BATMAN franchise after Keaton... Bale is BATMAN now, and he should remain... They don't need him to be that involved in the movie I mean he could be in a couple of scenes, and not the entire thing!

Anyway I don't know who they will cast but like IESB If I will bother as many people in the "Know" that I know, and If I find out anything juicy I will be more then happy to leak it.

lol I am not paid by the WB to keep secrets afterall... But the good folks over at
"IESB" might have an idea!

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Written by Robert Sanchez
Friday, 24 August 2007

For all you naysayers out there and you know who you are, the Los Angeles Times has confirmed IESB’s report that Warner Bros. is aiming Justice League for a pre-strike ’08 production start date.

We’ve been having a pretty good batting average even without the steroids. I love when the trades or established media confirm stories that we’ve been reporting on for weeks or sometimes even months.

Here is what the LA Times is reporting about the Justice League movie:

“ ’JLA’ is but one of many projects caught in an industrywide scramble to assemble films that can be completed before a potential talent strike shuts down film production next summer, according to interviews with two dozen studio executives, agents, producers and screenwriters.”

The publication continues:

“To beat the strike deadlines, the studios must start filming by March 1. While some high-profile projects are coming together quickly, other prominent movies – ‘JLA,’ Will Ferrell's ‘Land of the Lost,’ Matt Damon's ‘The Fighter,’ Eddie Murphy's ‘Fantasy Island’ -- must clear logistical, financial and political hurdles to move forward.

A bit further:

“Regardless, Warner Bros., which declined to comment, needs to hire a ‘JLA’ director immediately to guide any further rewrites and attract actors. As it is, numerous directors have been passing on the project, although ‘Happy Feet's’ George Miller may end up in the chair. Like any last-minute rescue, time is of the essence.”

Although, I have to correct something, our WB source is saying that only a few directors were ever approached for the project and George Miller was always one of their first choices. We expect a trade announcement confirming his attachment any day now and casting should officially commence immediately following.

Just as a side note, today, the IESB posted an article announcing Tom Welling as the potential JLA Superman. We’ve gotten a few emails about the Supermanhomepage debunking. As we updated in the Tom Welling article, is saying Al Gough says no, Welling is not involved in the JLA movie. But, I am telling you, we have triple checked this out and all indications are that Tom Welling in fact is a go on WB’s side.

Believe me, the IESB will be the first to post a retraction on a story if we are proved wrong, but right now, this is what we are hearing. We have been sitting on the Tom Welling info for almost a week and finally felt we had gathered enough back-up to post it.

Currently, we’ve got a lead on who is being looked at for Batman but we need some further info and confirmation before we announce it!

Stay tuned to the IESB for further updates!

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