Friday, August 24, 2007

Slow Down Betty! Justice League to be a CGI/Mo Cap Film?!

More reports about the movie being actually a CGI film, and not a Live action movie is coming out, and I think I can speak for a large part of the public when I say that this is a bad move by the WB.

The fans might go see it sure, and it will do decent but they shouldn't expect a blockbuster JLA movie if it's all CGI.

The CGI better be very very life like in order to get people excited about it.
I know that my hype-o-meter has gone way down because of all the CGI talk.
The right move is for the WB to spring board the Smallville cast into the JLA movie, and make it as a live action movie, and forget about Singerman, and his terrible sequel.

But what do I know I mean I only CALLED it when I spoke to Dan Harris that they were making major mistakes, and it would cost them because the movie SR would big a big big disappointment, and might even flop so hard that it would not get a sequel.

I was right then, and I know im right about the SR sequel being DOA!
JLA is a good way to re-introduce the characters to the public, and also it will add closure to the Smallville show, and let Tom Welling wear the Suit on the big screen... Something many many fans have wanted for 6 years now.

Anyway here is the report...

Written by Robert Sanchez
Wednesday, 22 August 2007

We have just received an interesting email that indicates the Justice League of America film might be headed to the world of Motion Capture!

I wasn’t sure about the validity of the email, so I went in search of some confirmation. I got it. I got confirmation from several sources from ILM to Rhythm and Hues that said the same thing. From what we are hearing, there may be some truth to this, but again, right now it’s a rumor and we will post final confirmation if this is true or not when we have it.
This would also explain how The Dark Knight films would continue on, same goes for Superman.

Also, this explains the quick casting starting next week and the speedy production date of first quarter 2008. But, mo-cap films take a lot of time, so this may not be ready by Summer 2009 like a traditional film would be. Are we looking at Summer of 2010 or 2011? This would give time for the Batman and Superman sequels. Plus with George Miller's success with singing pigs and dancing penguins, It finally all makes sense! But who knows!
This would put our League of Superheroes in a world much like Paramount’s Beowulf or Cameron's Avatar, where they could hire any actor they wanted and tweak and change them accordingly.

Here is the email with the information that was sent in and stay tuned as we expect to get more news shortly! Again, it's a rumor until we bring you final confirmation - I'm in Europe on business right now, but managed to check my email (filled to the brim with spam of course) and noticed a very interesting message from a contact over at Sony Imageworks.It seems that although they did cgi work on Superman Returns, there has been no talk of them coming back to work on the sequel. However, and take this with a grain of salt, Imageworks are apparently in the running to provide services on the JLA film, competing with R&H and possibly WETA (the latter being unconfirmed).But the real interesting thing about this is that the contract is for an all-cgi "photo-real" motion capture movie, much like the upcoming Beowulf.This is unsurprising, given George Miller's recent track record with the likes of Happy Feet, and motion capture cgi would certainly account for the casting sessions that are supposedly starting next week, meaning that Miller can cast actors rather than faces for the roles, use their performances and tweak things as he sees fit.Now a real-looking cgi JLA does seem likely, but I wonder what will become of Man of Steel given that Imageworks won't be returning for that project. I know there were some rumblings within the company that Singer wasn't satisfied with their work on Returns and is looking elsewhere for the sequel (ILM would be my preferred choice...but can Singer afford them?) and with Spider-Man 4 on hold (another Imageworks project), a mo-cap JLA would become their only major project for the next few years.I just wonder if JLA might end up being pushed back....these cgi films take a long time to make, and a photo-real cgi JLA movie is quite a big project.I'll try to find out more when I get back to the States,

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