Thursday, August 30, 2007

IESB at it again with even More JLA Rumors!!!

Ok now this one I can say I feel is 100% bogus!
Nowhere was I ever told about Leo, and also about the people being talked about here... Welling makes perfect sense since he wouldn't be so expensive, and he is someone the fans want to see in the suit badly! Hence the WB finally giving the fans what they want.

If the story takes place say 10-15 years after the last SMALLVILLE espisode, and it's an established JLA like was said here then it wont matter if someone older plays LEX since he would have aged 10 years, and well we all know SUPERMAN doesn't age like humans he wouldn't look much different while LEX, and others would.
But seriously they are throwing out WAY to many big A list names out there, and that just won't fly.

Leo will do a comic book movie eventually, and while I am interested in what he would do as Aquaman I just don't see such a role being cast in this JLA movie with such an actor.

His price tage of 20Million alone would be crazy when you think about the fact that he won't be on screen as much as Superman, Batman, and a few of the other heros.

So take everything you read from IESB with a major grain of salt, and be carefull what you wish for because the WB is known for making major mistakes in their comic book movie universe.

Written by Robert

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Is it even remotely possible to have more Justice League rumors? I guess so.
We have been getting a ton of email from different sources.
Some we decided not to post and the others we try to screen and get some
confirmation of facts.

The following email was sent in earlier today and while some stuff sounds a little crazy, mainly the casting of Bruce Willis as
Lex Luthor and Mel Gibson as Maxwell Lord, one thing that he mentioned surprised the hell out of me.

The following was sent in by Action Boy!

Hey, my friend recently got a pre-production job on JLA.
personally hired by
george miller (they've worked together in the past). you
guys seem to be the go to site for JLA news, so heres what he's been bringing
manhunter will be added to the league. he's a george
miller favorite.-previously, flash was set to be killed. after word leaked
about that, they're changing who dies (See script summary for who).-the heroes
will be younger, and in the first couple years of their career. this not an
origin film though. the league already exists. manhunter though, will be
played older and wiser.-WB is planning to cast very big for the heroes.
names thrown around: jake gyllenhaal, leo dicaprio, jessica biel.

mel gibson
is liked for max lord. scarlett johanssen for talia. bruce willis was mentioned for lex. tom welling isnt happening.-george miller already has a small group of men working on storyboards, script revisions, concept designs, costume designs, etc. WB
wants this for 2009. miller isnt wasting miller has some script revisions already underway. heres the general summary of the whole story based on miller's personal treatment that i read, major major spoilers:max lord and talia al ghul are the black king and black queen for checkmate, the government agency. they have a mutual agenda against caped heroes.

talia's reasons for despising
super heroes is ambiguous, but there are some vague references to her father and his ideals. max's reasons are far more defined: a couple
years ago his fiancee was caught up in a battle between superman and metallo,
she lost her life. he's since seen heroes as a plague that need to be exterminated. this is one of the reasons he creates the OMACs.

He plans to use them to rid the world of super heroes, since the robots can be the
perfect policing unit which can also be controlled by the government and work
for their agenda. he is even going head to head against lex luthor for the
contract, who has created similar technology.

Max also plans on using the OMACs for his own personal agenda...believing that checkmate should be running the government, a sort of coup would put him in power. the OMACs will also be using human hosts, the technology takes over the body. max lord plans on using heroes as host bodies to result in stronger OMACs (a superman omac
being the big prize).

There's even a few scenes planned for early on in the film where OMACs take over b-list DC characters, fun cameos for the fans.  At one point in the film, even flash and GL will become OMACs.the JLA will consist of: superman, batman,
wonder woman, flash (wally), green lantern (jon), aquaman, and martian manhunter. there will be a bunch of humor earlier on at their headquarters showing what heroes do when they are bored with no crime to fight. meanwhile, batman is off investigating heroes that have been picked
off by OMAC's.anyways, a group of shape-shifting white martians travel to earth
and find max lord, well aware of his status in the government (it would appear
white martians have a past with checkmate).

They ask for refuge on earth to escape an aggressor who is at war with them. max denies them, knowing they will then invade earth and take refuge anyways (how he knows this and why he wants it will be later revealed). the white martians leave very angry
and sure enough make plans to invade the martians invade, the heroes
come out, and so do max's OMACs.

This is max's chance to prove to the government their worth and how much better they are than the super heroes. the fight against the white martian invasion will be the chunk of the film. during this time, the heroes become very aware of max lord, his
story, and his agenda. they come into direct conflict, and more is revealed about him. about half way through the film, it will be revealed that max is a shape shifting white martian himself (not even the other martians knew this), but he was banished from the white martian community long ago which is when he traveled to earth. also, he's not only been disguised as max lord infiltrating the american government plotting a take over...but he's also been disguising himself as JLA member martian manhunter!

Working to infiltrate the heroes, learn their secrets, so he can eventually take them down
using the OMACs. enraged at his betrayal, wonder woman snaps his neck, killing him! breaking the league's no killing policy. she stands behind her actions against a very pissed off
batman and superman. still fighting the invasion, batman ends up being able to reprogram and take control of the OMACs and they use them to defeat the martian invasion.but in the last 20-30 minutes of the film, a new threat will arrive. its the agressor that has been at war with the white martians. they have followed them to earth. its darkseid!

Darkseid and his army finds the white martians defeated and a new challenge in the JLA. the JLA goes to battle with him and his personal cronies, while his army attacks the country. in battle with darkseid himself, superman is killed! now regretting her actions, and recognizing superman's heroism, wonder woman begs her gods to take her life force and spare superman's.

Her gods comply. wonder woman dies, and superman is revived. he single handedly takes out darkseid. the heroes are overwhelmed by the rest of his army though. lex luthor appears on scene with his tech army (the one he was using to get the government contract against max lord).

Together they stop the invasion.keep up the good work,Action Boy!
I’m running out the door so I will go on the boards later to talk about what we’ve been
hearing but let me say that the one thing that did shock me about this email was
him mentioning Leo DiCaprio.

Earlier in the year I heard from a DC source that told us that Leo DiCaprio was hoping to get involved in a major comic book franchise. The property? Believe it or not it was Aquaman. But because of Justice League, Leo’s price tag would be too high to be involved in the ensemble pic. We had not reported on Leo’s Aquaman because our source asked us not to talk about it.

But could things change? I really don’t know and I am waiting to hear back from a few sources. For now, these are just rumors and not confirmed facts. I will catch you guys on the boards later tonight. Feel free to post any questions or opinions you guys have!
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