Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Our first Blog!

Well as you can tell I liked what the site Singerman's Superman Sucks is doing in their bashing of Singerman, and love those Motivators while I was updating my site I said hey why don't I open up my own Blog, and use this blog as an outlet for me to talk about the problems with Singerman's Superman, and to showcase news, and some other stuff about which you won't be able to get on our main page...

I don't know how often I will update this blog but I will try to as we near the certain due date which is the day when the WB either gives the go ahead to the next Singerman movie or puts it in the back burner, and bury's it! Thus saving us from more bitching about how bad of a job Singer has done in the new Superman movie.

I know I have done my fair share of bitching, and while to me I can only say that I felt like it was just the day I sat in the theater, and watched Superman Returns.
What I saw made me ill to the pit of o my stomach!

Some of the people who post at the hype might know of an incident that took place when a conversation with myself, and a certain writer got leaked by a now dead website.
I know that some of you thought I was nuts back then but guess who laughed the hardest, and is going to laugh a whole lot harder once the WB picks JLA over Singerman II!

So anyway I hope you enjoy the site for what it's supposed to be!
An outlet for fans who felt betrayed, and upset over the craptacular job Singer did on Superman Returns.

I hope with all our help we could one day get the Superman movie we all want!
Personally I feel the best way to get the ship corrected is to dump Singer, Routh ect... And make this JLA movie I keep reading about.

But a nice touch would be if they use Tom Welling in the title role of Superman!
Actually the entire show Smallville as of late has become one big JLA pilot!
I wouldn't mind having the entire cast jump to the big screen in a big action packed JLA movie starring Tom Welling, and well now that we know Bale isn't going to be in it how about maybe getting Val Kilmer or Michael Keaton to come back to their respected Batman roles!?
I mean other then Bale those two Batman were wicked cool!

Clooney.... Not so cool... heh It's just sad that it takes a disaster like SR for the WB to listen to what the public wants.

They should have paid more attention to the growing cult following Welling is getting for his take on the Superman character, and understand that the fans, and Reeve passed the torch to him, and thus the fans feel they would be really cheated out if Welling never flies off wearing the suit!
As a fan of the character first I hated the fact that they would have 2 people playing the role at the same time. It watered down the fun of having a new Superman for this generation.

While I'm sure this Brandon Routh kid is a nice guy he just simply isn't a very convincing Superman! Even after a $300 million budgeted flop like SR Brandon isn't worthy of the title.
Besides the last man to wear the suit on the big screen already passed the torch, and the fans all have their SUPERMAN for this generation.

This is that man...

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