Friday, August 31, 2007

The KryptonFan Podcast interviewed both Dirty Sanchez from IESB and Steve Younis from SMHP

Just read this update over on Singermans Superman Sucks, and thought it was interesting enough to post on here.

Looks like the gloves are coming off in the battle of Fanboy Nerds over the casting of Welling as Superman! This is going to be funny to see how it all ends up, and from my sources IESB is correct in what they have said so far, and well while things do change in Hollywood from day to day the powers that be have set in motion the casting of Tom Welling, and there is not much doubt that with all this buzz going on in the world wide web about the casting that now they will fight tooth, and nails even harder to get him signed, and suited up for the movie.

Incase the WB didn't know Welling in the Superman suit in the JLA movie = BIG BOXOFFICE! Any other person put in the Superman suit will be received the same way Routh was. Like it or not it's the truth. [continue]

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