Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update on the Superman Copyright Legal Battle

Superman Court Case The Hollywood Reporter has published an article which brings us up to date on where the legal battle over the rights to Superman is currently at. Seems that Warner Bros. filed a stack of legal papers yesterday to persuade a judge to keep alive its claim against the Siegel's lawyer Marc Toberoff.

    A hearing date in the case is set for Oct. 18, although there's a chance the court could be so overwhelmed by the legal paperwork that there will be a delay. Depositions, including those of the Siegels, Shusters and Toberoff himself, are scheduled to begin in mid-November. The future of the "Superman" empire, hundreds of millions of dollars, and perhaps even the future of power in Hollywood will be at stake.
You can read the complete report at the Hollywood Reporter website.

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