Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So who's going to direct the new Superman Reboot?

Christopher Nolan & Emma Thomas are moving forward with upcoming reboot for Superman, with Deadline reporting that they've begun meeting with the following directors to helm the 2012 reboot for The Man Of Steel.

"Nolan has starting meeting candidates Tony Scott(Unstoppable), Matt Reeves(Let Me In), Jonathan Liebesman(Battle: Los Angeles), Duncan Jones(Source Code), Zack Snyder(Sucker Punch), this week and will submit his choice to the studio within the next few weeks."

While the the film is expected to hit theaters winter 2012 and many of the directors have commitments, which one do you think could adapt the last son of krypton to the silver-screen the right way, in script written by David S. Goyer?

Another name thrown into the mix now were hearing that the WB is also looking at "Darren Aronofsky" as
It looks like Fox and WB are playing pass the director!

As Aronofsky, previously linked to Wolverine 2, is the latest name to be thrown into the expanding short list of directors for the Superman reboot..

Zack Snyder is my personal favorite right now to direct this movie, and hope he gets it.

At this point, 3 directors have been mentioned in connection with both Fox's Wolverine 2 and WB's Superman reboot. Tony Scott, Matt Reeves and now Darren Aronofsky.

The LA Times report..

As he intensifies his search for a director on the Warner Bros. reboot, Christopher Nolan, who's godfathering the new Superman and producing the David Goyer script, has had discussions with Aronofsky about the job, sources say.

Aronofsky's latest, Black Swan, is gaining huge plaudits and is set to become a big art house hit. While he would seem a left field choice for something like Superman he is also just the type of director someone like Chris Nolan would go for in my opinion. Both made their names with tiny budget indie films and have since gone on to make some much bigger, successful, but never particularly commercial or "studio friendly" movies. The big difference between them is that Aronofsky has yet to make anything as big as Nolan's Batman films. But, he was all set to do the Robocop reboot for WB until it fell through. Maybe he will cut his blockbuster teeth with The Man Of Steel instead.

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