Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Does the WB Want Natalie Portman For Lois Lane In Their Superman Reboot?

It was only a matter of time before this rumor popped up, but here is the first(of many I'm sure!). Apparently WB are not only keen on Darren Aronofsky to helm their new Superman, but to get his Black Swan star Natalie Portman on board as Lois Lane..
An update on the Aronofsky story over at Moviehole not only suggests that WB are looking for Portman to play Lois in this next Superman movie, but that she was their first choice last time around too!..

A friend that worked on "Black Swan" with Mr Aronofsky tells us that the filmmaker has actually "been talking about this for a while" and that they don't think talks have "progressed beyond the suggestion of having Nat[alie Portman] be Lois. They wanted her first time around, this time they can get her - with Darren. But who knows where that's at now...nothing on paper yet. Don't add his name to the IMDB director listing on the film's page yet", she adds.

The idea of Aronofsky as a potential director for Superman has certainly been met with approval from most fans on CBM.

I loved Miss Portman in the Star Wars prequels, and she was awesome in
V For Vendetta but!

This is a big one here.... I don't know what to think of her as Lois Lane... Certainly this would move away from using the Smallville cast which I absolutely love!

Honestly Erica Durance is a much better choice, and she's completely owned the role since she's taken over the role on Smallville.

Portman is no stranger to Comic Book Movies, having already played Evey Hammond in V For Vendetta and will soon grace our screens as Jane Foster in Thor. IF Aronofsky does end up behind the camera, I wouldn't be surprised if she did follow. Of course its all just speculation for now.

And again I'm still holding out hope that The WB and the players involved with making this movie doesn't screw it up, and make the same mistakes made in Singerman Returns.

I think Portman much like
Kate Bosworth looks way to young for this role, and honestly that was a major issue with Singerman Returns.

Kate looked like she was just out of highschool, and so does Portman! Not trying to hate they are both very pretty hot ladies but neither of them look old enough or look like seasoned reporters.

Erica Durance on the other hand...

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