Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ben Affleck WAS In The Running To Direct Superman

More reboot news. Or none news as the case may be. But it seems Affleck(riding high on the success of The Town) was in line to tackle The Man Of Steel next..
According to Heatvision..

Word began to leak last week of directors who were meeting or will meet with Nolan and Warner brass for the relaunch of one of Hollywood's biggest franchises. Duncan Jones (“Moon”), Jonathan Liebesman ("Battle: Los Angeles"), Matt Reeves (“Cloverfield,” this Friday’s “Let Me In”), Tony Scott and Zack Snyder are on the list.

And so was Affleck, who is extremely popular at Warners after making “The Town,” a critical and box-office hit. But according to insiders, the actor-director -- who, ironically, once portrayed the actor who played Superman on TV in "Hollywoodland" -- met about "Superman" last week but is no longer pursuing it.

That sounds like he passed on it to me. Affleck doesn't have too much in the works right now(that we know about) so maybe he wasn't crazy about the script/plot? Who knows. Anyway, I know like me you must be a bit sick of hearing who might/may have directed it and just want to know who will. But I found this interesting. Affleck is the 7th director(if the short list is accurate of course) to be mentioned in connection with this. Are WB and Chris Nolan just going down a list of who had a hit recently? Granted the names are all pretty good to great talents, but I hope they are more concerned with who is best suited to this particular character than who they think can deliver a box office draw.

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