Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Robert Sanchez from IESB is at it again! (JLA Casting News)

I wonder if Mr Sanchez is a fan of John Kerry because man is he ever the flip flopper!

One week he's on, and the next week he's not, and then he is... lol Over on IESB he's reporting that Welling is still in negotiations which as you might know from reading my sites news they just reported what I have been saying all along!

He's in negotiations, and is the studios top choice! There won't be any news on the casting for a bit I heard maybe another month!

We might find out about some of the smaller known hero's being cast but the big names (Superman, Batman) probably won't be disclosed for a good minute.

I hope he gets cast so Mr Sanchez can safe face because this flip flopping is not making him look good lol... Anyway read the entire post on the bottom.

Robert Sanchez

Hey Guys/Gals Sorry about the lack of solid Justice League news, people are being very quiet but I did get an a call from an agent friend of mine from ________ just a few minutes ago and told me that as of yesterday Welling was still in negotiations. So what has been going on? First let me try to explain a little about the New York Times article, they were wrong, almost. Pretty simple, I have been told by various sources that this film is moving forward 100%.

So is Justice League green lit? "Officially" no, why? The movie is officially in "Prep" and could stay in prep mode til about 6 weeks before cameras roll. The reasons studios do this is because once a movie is officially green lit then that is when the studios have to start paying off producers and so on and so on.

By keeping it in pre-production they can hold on to their cash a little longer. This happens all the time and is not new in Hollywood. Pre-production is full steam ahead with all departments working full time on the project.
In regards to Tom Welling, we have been reporting for awhile that WB execs want Welling but that it was always Gough/Millar who were causing problems, they want to be producers on the film.

It's always about the dough, fair enough.
I am hearing that key roles have been filled but I haven't been able to get any confirmations of which ones. I have read what Countingdown is reporting, sounds plausible, I think Friday may be a little pre-mature, but who knows. Oh, almost forgot, the script is complete and has been complete for a bit, who knows maybe a review will pop online sometime soon ;) Yes friends, Justice League is coming summer of 2009.

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