Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Even Dean Cain Thinks Singerman Sucks

Heh sometimes things happen which just bring a smile to my face, and well this report by SSS nearly brought me to tears.... But they we're not from crying in pain but from laughter!

As many know Dean Cain played Clark Kent/Superman on the ABC hit tv show "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" he played the role for 4 seasons, and to be honest while too short for the role, and well not the right look he did a bang up job at making the role his own.

I think the reason why his Clark Kent worked so well was because he wasn't a total Chris Reeve rip off act it was original, and modern.
It was with the times... Dean Cain forever linked himself to the role of Superman, and now he finds himself many years after his show back where it all began! On a show about Superman.

This one is the show Smallville the hit CW show which features actor Tom Welling in the lead as Clark Kent. The man who will one day become SUPERMAN.

Well over at SSS they poked a bit of fun at an interview Cain gave where well let's say he wasn't too happy with Superman Returns, and the lack of words actually speak louder then the words them self's.

Read the funny interview with Dean Cain...

Well you know you've reached a different plateau of "suckitude" when the worst Superman of all time, i.e. Dean Cain, thinks you suck. In an appearance on the KTLAHERE if you can stand the vapid, tedious morning show banter), Cain was on talking about his guest appearance on an upcoming episode of Smallville as well as his time in the tights, when the subject of Singerman was breached by one of the douchebag morning news anchors (who himself even called the film "not very good"). He kind of puts Cain on the spot about his impressions of the film. Cain's response: 'Um it didnt do very well at the box office...but it was umm

Really Dean? That's all you could come up with? You couldn't even put out a "it wasn't too bad" or something even a bit more positive? That's like going out on a first date and when a friend asks you how it went, you respond by telling him that she had nice shoes. You could tell Deano
morning show ( you can watch the video "visually stunning," I'll tell you that." was struggling to find something, ANYTHING to come up with on the spot, and that's all he (a Princeton University grad BTW) could come up with? Hilarious, to say the least.

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