Sunday, September 30, 2007

Man of Steel has a new director? - ALIEN

Well kids this might be the news we have all been waiting for!
Looks like Singerman might actually be dead, and gone for good!!!!! And to that all I can say is THANK GOD!

If this is true then it's wonderful news... If fake then I hope the guy who wrote this gets hit by a semi truck!

Hello Maniacs,

Not sure what a blog is, seems like people post news info here. This was sent o me via email from a site called Not sure if the below is true. But with the fast track of JLA and the Man of Steel being put on the back burner, I thought maybe there is some legitimacy to this report.

Is there another area I can post this? I visit here a lot, but I mostly just read the news, not familiar with the site as of yet. Below is the email.

"Okay, I have some vital information that will be very shocking when certain people find out. I visit this site frequently and today I joined to give this awesome news.

[i]As you know the news surrounding the Superman Returns sequel: The Man of Steel is very eradicate and confusing. The good news (or bad news) is that a secret conversation between Alan F. Horn and Barry M. Meyer has been recorded regarding the future of the Superman Sequel. Variety reported a few days ago that Kevin Spacey is tapped to play Lex Luthor in the Sequel. This is false, Spacey did meet with Singer, but that was Singer's doing and had nothing to do with the Sequel. Also, Singer also pitched and idea for the sequel and was not given very good news. This is Singer's pitch: Superman is enjoying a successful return to protecting not only America but the world from prejudice and hate. Superman is even helping science by giving them detailed information on his journey to his demolished home world. In fact some images Superman returned with look odd and we see some kind of spacecraft that seems to be hiding behind either debris or planets. Superman finds this odd due to them not being detected by his ship. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor is trapped on and island with Kitty when an unknown object lands nearby. Luthor of course is more curious than scared and approaches the spacecraft. As the door opens, none other than Brainiac steps of the ship. Brainiac introduces himself, as Lex's new Master. Lex Luthor of Course has a proposition for him.

Moving on, another villain is waiting in the shadows, how this person came to earth is unknown, but he seems to have the exact same powers as Superman. He wreaks havoc and terror on the world and Superman has to investigate.

This is as much of the story has was told by Singer until Horn cut him off and said he did not think this story was neither interesting nor exciting. The conversation goes on to say that Meyer is not even going to listen to another word until a REAL Villain can challenge superman and it has more action.

In fact, Both Horn and Meyers told Singer that they will be interviewing other writers and Directors because they feel that Superman Returns was not exactly a box office smash. Now, to the recorded conversation between Horn and Meyers: Horn calls Meyer to discuss the likely possibility that they will be needing to hire a new director. Meyer suggests someone hip and new that can handle SFX, action and drama. Meyer would like to see Stephen Gaghan (Syriana) take over the project. Horn likes the suggestion but thought ether Edward Zwick (The Last Samurai) or Richard Donner (Lethal Weapon and Superman) should take over. Meyer likes the idea of Zwick, but thinks Donner is not a bankable name. Horn disagrees and would like to talk to all three directors. Horn gets in contact with Zwick and he is interested. Zwick also said that Donner is a great choice and should be given another chance. Zwick was also shocked that Singer was not a definite show in. Zwick says that he is not an avid Comic fan nor does he understand Superman's Mythology. Horn said that is why he would be perfect, because he can see what the fans what and not be bias.

Meyer and Horn talk again. They think that another director might be the way to go. They also agree that the suit has to be changed back to the Red, blue and Yellow and get back to the basic design. They also agree that Lex should not even be a villain in the movie and should have a very minor role. [/i]

MTV will be getting the audio soon. I am sure they will post it or print the story. This is huge news that had to be shared. I guarantee that if Horn and Meyers were contacted, they would be completely shocked and would have no comment.

This news saddens me, as I think Singer did great on Superman Returns. The story for the sequel sounds exciting and it sounds like it continues from the first movie. Donner and Zwick would be horrible choices and Gaghan is not really a defined director. It is just wild what happens behind the scenes of film makers.

I have worked for Warner Brothers for 3 years, and this is probably gonna get me fired. "

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