Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dougherty and Harris Out of Superman "The Man of Steel"

Probably the start of something good?
Well it's the best news I've heard in a very long time especially since the latest leaks on JLA have been rather craptacular! I think it's time to admit it Superman Returns was a mistake, and Dan, and Mike are just as much to blame on the movie sucking as it did as the director Bryan Singer, and the cast of monkeys who were given top dollar to act like fools, and not fool anyone in their role.

Nobody bought Brandon Routh as Superman/Clark Kent, and if you like his version of Superman/Clark Kent then your fucking retarded! And I mean that in the meanest way possible!
Seriously any grown man who says Brandon "Was awesome" is just retarded. This is a big step in the right direction, and now we will wait until Singer parts ways, and then the WB announces Tom Welling as the JLA, and new Superman for the big screen.

Once we get that then the ship will get corrected... Anyway check out the article over at Variety.
Story by: Variety

Superman needs some ideas for what his next adventure might be.

"Superman Returns" scribes Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris have opted not to come back and pen a sequel to the 2006 summer pic that would have reunited them with helmer Bryan Singer. The three also worked together on "X2: X-Men United."

As a result, WB is now taking pitches for Supe's next outing from other scribes -- just as the studio is trying to figure out which actor will don the character's tights in "Justice League."

Industry chatter claimed the studio would start fresh with a new take on the Man of Steel, as if the previous pic never happened.

Reasons mentioned were the introduction of Superman's son with Lois Lane, as well as the film's less-than-expected domestic haul of $200 million and another $191 million overseas.

Marvel Studios is adopting that let's-try-again strategy with "The Hulk"Edward Norton, will launch a franchise that Ang Lee's 2003 actioner failed to do. at Universal, hoping a new pic, starring

But WB denies such plans and said next pic would be a sequel with Brandon Routh likely to wear the "S" on his chest again. Legendary Pictures is co-developing and co-financing the project.

New pic also will up the action quotient, however -- something Singer promised fanboys at last year's Comic-Con in San Diego.

Dougherty and Harris are pursuing more directing gigs, with Dougherty having recently completed "Trick 'R Treat" at WB as his first pic. He's also looking to pen a graphic novel and children's book.

Harris, who had previously helmed "Imaginary Heroes," is writing and directing "I, Lucifer," based on the book, with Daniel Craig attached to star.


Joanne said...

Wow! We sooo think alike! LOL!! You echo my thoughts exactly! Roth sucks! That entire movie was casted horribly... I did enjoy Lex Luthor, by Kevin Spacey. I thought Kevin did a good job. However, I hate how they make Lex so campy. Make him EVIL. I was hoping for a harsher edge. And WTF was up with that stupid girlfriend of his. I wanted to smack her the entire time. I almost left 1/2 way through the movie. I just kept thinking, that Tom Welling needed to be on the screen. Roth couldn't act his way out of a paper bag!

The Man From Krypton said...

Yeah Routh is a terrible actor, and to be honest it's not his fault that lands on the head of Bryan Singer who has always had a nack for bad casting calls.

The entire X MEN movies were badly cast with one or two exceptions.
And those were Wolverine, and Prof X.

While Prof X was cast by Singer Wolverine was cast by the studio because the original actor Singer picked wasn't able to do it because he was doing Mission Impossible 2...

So the studio went with their plan B, and they cast Jackman... Singer took credit on it because he test read Jackman but in reality he didn't cast him the studio did.

I hated the entire cast other then those two, and well to be honest Singer has always been bad at casting roles.

So it wasn't shocking that he made such a mistake on Superman... I hated Lex in the movie because he was a water down cheapen version of the LEX from the Donner movies, and I HATED that version of LEX!

That, and I'm not a big Spacey fan... But with that said if his role had been done more serious, and less campy then he might have turned in a good performance since (even if I don't like him...) he is a good actor.

But Routh stunk up the place, and while his acting sucked, and his asking price has not sky rocketed (he was paid only 1 million for SR) he wasn't asked to be in the JLA movie... Shocking since the WB spent all that money, and time trying to force feed us this guy as their new SUPERMAN.

What a joke the WB has become in the last decade... To think they were once on top of the comic book movie world with the first two BATMAN movies! It's been all down hill since!

Batman Begins was about the only good movie they have produced in the comic book world in many many years, and probably the only chance we have of another good movie is "The Dark Knight" because JLA is looking bad!

And Singerman 2 won't ever happen mark my words on that.