Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Clint's from got the rundown on Justice League

Well this one just throws me for a loop!

After weeks of rumor's, and internet leaks via EMAIL'S we get word from Clint at that this is the JLA movie the WB is making.

Well I'm sure once you read the details you will see why this for me is the final straw... Other then Smallville & the Bale/Nolan franchises I will not support another WB franchise until they clean up their act!

They should be ashamed of them self's with how badly they mistreat these characters, and how badly they mistreat the fans.

Mark my words! Kid friendly or not this movie won't even make Superman Returns numbers... Prepare for a total flop!

Date : October 18, 2007 Writer : Clint Morris

Clint here,

Just returned from doing a TV interview – hope you yankies understand my brash, strong Aussie accent – to find a fat envelope on the dusty doormat. Inside? Several pages from the “Justice League” script – clearly marked [removed]. Yep, this here tree was cut down so [removed] effects guys would know what they’re working with.

So what are they working with? Well, not a lot. Not to say the film reads terrible, it doesn’t, it’s just that it reads more like a Saturday Morning ‘Superfriends’ cartoon than anything else – like, say, something that’ll appeal to the over twenties crowd - and basically, WETA need only look at the old cartoons to seek inspiration for their whizbang dressings. Having said that, maybe that’s exactly what they’re going for – a family-friendly toon-esque romp; like say “The Rocketeer” or “Sky High”.

The film introduces the main characters very quickly – as if they’re a 42-minute TV show and have to get it done quickly. You don’t get to know much about any of our central heroes before they all unite.

The film opens with John Stewart/The Green Lantern leaving space for the beachy surroundings of what’s described in the brief as being a “San Diego” like town – its there that he’ll have to rescue a Submarine crew (I don’t think I’ll give away the finer aspects of the sequences – just to say they could look impressive) from something with “a lot of arms”. We’re next introduced to Aquaman, who spots the leviathan battering a lighthouse. A large-scale skirmish occurs between the sea hero and the sea villain. Then, Wonder Woman is introduced – but not before Superman, in a mid-air fight, crashes her scene. Next, The Flash gets his big intro scene….

Rescuing plainclothes detective Ben Chyre from a ‘ticking’ bear – something ‘the Trickster’ has cooked up. The Flash has a bit of fun with a news crew – says something so fast that they’re unable to use it on air – which might evoke a laugh or two.

We’re introduced to our villain, Max Lord, as he watches a monitor where[what appears to be] Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman etc are ‘’terrorizing a building full of homeless people. Destroying the arches and pulling the supports down…” We then learn that Lord has captured a team of superheroes already – “ULTRAMAN, SUPERWOMAN, OWLMAN, JOHNNY QUICK and POWER RING...” – who he plans to use for his own devious mission : pit them against the “Justice League”.

We see the “Hall of Justice” being built – on the outskirts of space – by the team themselves; as well as many “construction robots”. Seems Wayne Industries is footing the bill for it.

Within a couple of minutes, alarm bells ring and the team er, suit up for action. The alarm bells have signalled for a visitor from Mars…. Martian Manhunter, who naturally the team presume is evil at first. The visitor informs the gang that their world is “at an end” and so begins their plight to destroy Lord and the OMACs.

Look, the film seems pretty underwhelming, sure, but what I think might’ve been their motivation here is to distance themselves from any of the “Superman” or “Batman” films already in existence – which is something the fans will be thankful for – and as this is merely light and fluffy cartoon adventure-stuff, without any of the dark undertones of those other films (largely “Batman”), they’ve definitely succeeded in that. This will definitely appeal to a much younger crowd than those that say, loved “Batman Begins” – it’ll be one the twelve-years-olds go ga-ga for. In fact, Batman doesn’t even seem to have much of a part to play here – not the pages I read anyway; it’s almost as if he’s a secondary character or Warner have told the producers they can only use a “bit of him” – and definitely isn’t the same Caped Crusader we’ve seen on the screens for the past couple of years. In fact, if this is anyone’s movie it’s The Flash’s… he gets most of the gags, a lot of the action, and seems to have quite a few more scenes- again, in the pages I read – than the others. If the character is cast right – I believe Adam Brody (“the OC”) is the favourite at this stage – he could be the break-out character here…. the one the twelve-year olds want on a T-Shirt.

So all-in-all, “Justice League” won’t be our film – and when I say ‘our’ I mean, commonly anyone considered of adult age – but it will probably be right up the kids’ alley. It’s essentially a live-action version of “Superfriends” – in terms of pace, story and set-up.

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