Saturday, November 17, 2007

WB Ready to announce the JLA CAST? Leaked info!?

Well All I can say is that after MONTHS of waiting, and weeks of teasing with Tom Welling being cast, and then not cast, and then re-cast, and now we get this leaked cast from slashfilm which has been backed by other sites, and well to be honest folks IMO this cast is a total JOKE!

This movie looks like it's going to be batha poodoo! To quote Star Wars one more time... "I have a bad feeling about this!"

After the total fuckup that was Superman Returns we get this!
George Miller directing a JLA movie with yet another pretty boy actor who doesn't even look the part!

Tom Welling is who the people want to see in the suit, and yet some how this little tid bit of news fails to ring any bells over at the WB...

So 3 people will now be in live versions of the character in the same span of 5 years.... That's total HORSE SHIT! And wrong to do to any character let alone THE MAN OF STEEL! There should only be one live action Superman per generation! This is how your make people believe, and you make them interested.

Tom Welling is who the mass public knows, and has in their mind as Superman, and like it or not he's the actor who's played the role the longest on any sort of live incarnation! The fact that on the show we won't probably ever see him wear the suit, and this current writers strike which looks like it's going to last a while it would have been nice to have had Tom in the suit, and it would have been a nice reward to all the fans who have fought so hard from before Singer was even on board to direct Superman Returns.

The fans deserve a lot more then to be un heard! If we can't get this then allow the creators of Smallville to do what they set out to do from the start of the show, and that's spin it off to their own Superman movies...

Lord knows this JLA Movie isn't going anywhere, and me thinks that might be the only hope we have of watching an actual SUPERMAN movie that does the character justice! Which each episode of Smallville Tom Welling is looking more, and more the role, and his acting is embracing the character so well it's like HE IS CLARK KENT aka SUPERMAN! His personality, and his acting sells the show regardless of the some times cheesy plots, and acting.

Much like how Chris Reeve saved his 4 movies from being total disasters!
Let's be honest other then Chris Reeve there isn't much to those movies! They pretty much blow if you ask me! The fx don't hold up at all, the acting is crappy, the storylines are garbage! Except for "Superman: The Movie" which is the only one that even it's some what major flaws still managed to tell a stunning origin tale. One which nobody should remake... That I agree 100% on.

It's been done to death, and there is no need to start there again, and with Tom Welling's Superman you get that chance to start in the middle when he's already at the daily planet. There is no need to start over because we already have 7 soon to be 8 or 9 seasons worth of Origin to keep us all happy.

Also as a fan of the character having another guy playing him after Welling, Routh is insulting to the character, and to the fans who have invested in both Welling, and Routh.

Honestly Routh sucked but I'd rather have him that the guy rumored to be in JLA! lol At least Routh looks like Chris Reeve a bit, and if it's a big cast he won't have to do much acting so you can keep his lines to a few, and focus on the other cast members... But now to add a 3rd guy! That's just wrong!

And this is why Marvel kicks the DC/WB Behind with each movie! JLA Won't even sniff Fantastic Four money or even X MEN 1, 2 or 3 money!

Marvel does things the right way, and it's why I feel the WB will blow it again with this craptacular filled cast, and Miller will be taking his Happy Feet else where, and never near another Superman related project, and for that matter after this flop we probably won't see another Superman related project in years.

Singer dug the grave, and Miller will now put the final nail in the coffin, and dump the dirt on these beloved characters.

Sometimes I wish that the family of the characters creator would win in their law suits, and would get all rights back, and maybe then one day from a REAL studio we might get a REAL Superman movie!

If this news is true then there are some dark times ahead for us Superman fans... At least we have 1 or 2 more years of Smallville to keep us happy, and the seasons on dvd so we could watch the real face to this generations live action SUPERMAN!

I hope this casting of Superman in JLA is bogus... Here's me praying...

First Look: Justice League of America Cast?

Warner Bros is set to announce the
official cast for George Miller’s
Justice League of America
movie next week, but studio spies have leaked a supposed preview of what we
should expect. Note: none of the following cast has been officially confirmed,
and being late Friday night, it’s likely we won’t hear anything until Monday at
earliest. But let’s take a look at the rumored cast of Justice League.

Scott Porter (Speed Racer, Friday Night Lights) is Superman. Created in 1932, Superman is considered to be the most famous comic book character of all time.
Born on an alien planet called Kryton, Kal-El was sent to Earth moments before
the planet’s destruction. Adopted and raised by a Kansas farmer and his wife,
Clark Kent (earth name) was brought up with a strong moral compass. Upon reaching maturity Clark developed superhuman abilities including flight, speed, strength, stamina, durability, senses, intelligence, breath, and heat vision, later resolving to use these for the benefit of humanity. Justice League Superman is supposed to take place in a different continuity than the Bryan
Singer and Richard Donner stories.

Adam Brody (The O.C., Thank You For Smoking) is Wally West aka The Flash. Justice League supposedly begins with the funeral of Barry Allen, the second Flash (1956-1986). His nephew (by marriage) Wally West was exposed to electrically charged chemicals at ten years old when he was visiting his uncle’s police laboratory. West donned a copy of his uncle’s outfit and became the young crime fighter named Kid Flash. After Barry Allen was killed, Wally took over as the fastest man alive. The Flash possesses “super-speed,” and superhuman reflexes which allow him to violate certain laws of physics. Wedding Crashers and Fred Claus helmer David Dobkin is signed on to direct a Flash feature film following production of Justice League.

Common (Smokin’ Aces, Wanted) is John Stewart aka The Green Lantern, who first appeared in July 1940. The Green Lantern possesses a power ring that gives him control over the physical world as long as the wielder has sufficient willpower and strength to wield it. Greg Berlanti (The Broken Hearts Club) is set to direct a feature film based on the character following the JLA movie. Berlanti is penning the script with Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green.

Teresa Palmer (Wolf Creek, The Grudge 2) as Talia Ghul - a recurring love interest for Batman. Her father, Ra’s al Ghul, the leader of a worldwide criminal empire, considers Batman the man most worthy to marry Talia and to become his heir. Not quite heroine, nor villainess Talia has undoubtedly committed criminal acts; but out of loyalty to her father and not for personal gain. She has also saved Batman’s life or helped him on numerous occasions.

Source by - slashfilm

UPDATE: 11/19 (2:40pm)

Well it seems that Mr Scott Porter, a cast member of NBC's Friday Night Lights, told The Continuum that reports that he has been cast as Superman in the Justice League movie are "purely rumor and speculcation."

Turns out that Porter said he auditioned for the role of The Flash for the film, which is being directed by George Miller but from what he understood was beaten out for the role by Adam Brody! Still enough to make one gag over the choice of Flash. Ryan Reynolds is the perfect actor for the Wally West role, and is also a fan favorite. To cast someone else is spitting in the face of the fans... At least make this "Kid Flash" or something! I mean Adam doesn't look older then 15 for christ sake! At least this gives us some peace of mind.

Now if the WB could only get off it's ass, and announce Tom Welling as Superman already, and make us all happy the world would be a wonderful place!

Porter sat down with The Continuum on Sunday at Wizard World Texas to discuss the film, his audition and the possibility of him playing Superman.

UPDATE: 11/19 (6:49pm)

Well it looks like the folks over at has a different list of actors who they think are rumored to be cast in this JLA movie. Teresa Palmer, and Common seems to be the only Common (Pun intended) names that are on both lists....

I smell a big batch of horse crap here!

This D.J Cotrona guy reminds me a bit of James Caviezel but without the acting chops, and James looks a bit more Supermanish then D.J who looks like the very badly water down version or a poor man's James Caviezel.

The rest of the Hype's cast looks horrid! So who's lying, and who's telling us the truth?
Well only time will tell who lies, and from the looks of this I'm going to start calling this "JLA: Casting Gate" because this whole thing has taken an unusual twist, and from the looks of it we're all going to be a bit mad no matter what the out come!

New Justice League Cast Members?

Source: Superhero Hype!
November 19, 2007

Keep in mind that
Warner Bros. has yet to reveal any cast members, but this
is a list of names Superhero Hype! received over the weekend as to who might be
cast in Justice League. Yes, we realize the much rumored
Adam Brody is not listed here as The Flash. Our answer? We just don't know what's up, plain and simple:

Superman -
D.J. Cotrona
Batman - Armie Hammer
Wally West/The Flash - Anton Yelchin
Aquaman - Santiago Cabrera
Iris - Zoe Kazan
Wonder Woman - Megan Gale
Talia al Ghul - Teresa Palmer
Green Lantern - Common

We must repeat, the above names are not confirmed. They might not be confirmed for a while, because a new article talking about the writers strike at The Hollywood Reporter says that Justice League might not be as sure of a thing as it seems:At Warner Bros., "Justice League of America" finds itself without a shooting script and has options expiring on potential actors who recently were screen tested. As a result, it might have to postpone production.


Joanne said...

*GROAN* THEY LOOK TERRIBLE! I totally agree with you 100%. I thought I was the only one that thought SR sucked rotten bananas. Tom Welling is the best supes out there. Roth sucked! Welling probably doesn't want to be tied to this project because even he can tell it reeks of serious crap!

The Man From Krypton said...

Just added a bit more to my rant there heh hope you get to read it Joanne... This JLA news is the worst EVER!

silent1 said...

I couldn't have said this better. You said everything that I have been thinking about and which has been making me angry. I am just in a loss for words on how stupid and blind the WB execs. are for not seeing what they have in front of them with Welling. Clearly Chris Reeve passed the torch to Welling before he died and it just seemed logical for Welling to move to the big screen, but somehow the WB cannot see that. I hope WB loses the rights to Superman, but if that happens I think it will be too late for Welling. I'm not a big fan of Marvel but I agree that they know how to do things right. When they make a mistake they try to fix it right away to appease the fans like they are doing with the Hulk and Punisher. I just wish the WB had the same common sense.

The Man From Krypton said...

Even had Chris Reeve not passed the torch to Welling before he died after a build up of so many seasons on tv, and having this guy grow into the role, and really fully embody everything a modern day SUPERMAN would have from looks to personality to acting style to even his measurements which match the Superman character to a T!

I mean seriously the guy is SUPERMAN! He is the face for the role for this generation, and having now a 3rd guy playing the role while his show might still be on air when the movie hits is a travesty to the legacy of the character who has NEVER had this happen before!

This already helped to kill the BATMAN franchise, and after the next WB/DC disaster which will be JLA if this cast is real, and Tom is not cast.... I have a bad feeling about the future of the character because when this JLA fails people will never trust the WB & the way they handle the Superman characters, and really all their characters!

They got DAMN Lucky that Bale was born to play BATMAN, and that Nolan turned out to be a real good movie maker!

That was a risk they slipped into by mistake, and I hope they learn from past BATMAN movies, and they keep these guys for many many BATMAN Movies! Bale has said that he would do more then these 3, and the "Superman/Batman" movie if that ever gets made.

Honestly what the WB should do is CAST Welling, and wait until BATMAN: The Dark Knight comes out, and get BALE to reprise his BATMAN because honestly it's the best one we have ever gotten! And better then Bale I doubt they will find!

Better then Welling/Bale the WB wont find because they are the people tapped to be these characters for this generation, and honestly the WB is making a major major mistake in having 3 actors play Superman, and 2 play BATMAN!

Terrible terrible move if true!

Maria Gabriela said...

If this help a little....Porter is not Superman, he said on WWTx he lost the role of FLASH to Adam Brody.

Either way whoever plays Superman in this film is going to me more hated than BJ(Brandon Routh)

Welling All the way!!!! hell at least reeboot the bs that was SR and give Welling his own trilogy with Durance and Ronsembaun...well Durance will be enough frankly I won't blame MR if he doesn't want to shave hor head ever again