Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tom Welling On The Responsibility Of Wearing The Suit And The Possibility Of Playing Superman On The Big Screen!

The Smallville star discusses the honour of finally suiting up as the Man of Steel and whether or not he's ready to take his version of Clark Kent onto the big screen...
Now that it's finally been confirmed that we'll see Tom Welling wear the iconic costume, the next question is whether or not he wants to also portray the character on the character after the tenth and final season of Smallville. In the following interview which was conducted at Comic Con on Sunday, the actor talks about all of that and more!


Anthony said...

Tom Welling's earned the right to become Superman for today's generation. He's earned it.

The Man From Krypton said...

I Agree 100% he has earned the right, and should play the part, and in recent interviews has said that he's opened to the movie so why is the WB so trigger shy on this? I don't get it they get a massive build in audience who love Superman, and another one who loves Smallville.

And they get the guy who's made the character relevant again! Brandon Routh couldn't tie Tom Wellings Shoes as Superman, and Tom is yet to put on the suit.

If he's not in the new movie I simply wont care for it myself, and I'm a Superman fan first! But you can't have a Superman movie without this generations Superman.

Tom Welling = Superman/Clark Kent