Saturday, August 28, 2010

Superman Costume Revealed In 'Smallville' Final Season Trailer

The 'Smallville' season 10 trailer finally the first glimpse of the costume fans have been waiting to see since the show began.

Lois was shown looking at the Superman suit as it was neatly tucked away in a box at the barn. Tom Welling said he hadn't seen it in person yet, but he couldn't wait.

"Whatever we do, I want to make sure we earn the suit at the end," Welling said after the panel.

As for other tidbits, John Schneider will be back as Clark's dad for at least one episode, if not more.

Even though he's read his scene, Schneider said: "I don't know if that means I'm a spirit. I'm not really sure exactly what I am; real, imaginary, memory? But it's the best written scene I've ever done on Smallville."

Laura Vandervoort [photosLaura Vandervoort photos] will return as Kara Zor-El, better known as Supergirl and James Marsters will return as Brainiac for the show's 200th episode.

Alison Mack fans will also be pleased to hear Chloe will return to tie up her character and the relationship with Oliver.

Meanwhile, producers are still working to get Michael Rosenbaum to return as Lex.

"I know he's thinking about it," says Welling. "I know he knows that we want him and we don't feel like we can end it without it."

We'll see a lot of Erica Durance [photosErica Durance photos] (Lois) and Justin Hartley (Oliver) this season as they're slated to be in 22 and 17 episodes each, respectively.

Check out the trailer below, the suit pops up around the 1:20 mark:

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