Sunday, August 29, 2010

Brandon Routh Says He's "Moved On" From The Role Of Superman!

In this previously unreleased interview, the actor talks about moving on from Superman as well as how he thinks the role has affected his career...
Brandon Routh may have spent the past few weeks during interviews for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World expressing his desire to return to the role of Clark Kent/Superman. However, in an interview that took place earlier this year during his time on the TV show Chuck, he wasn't quite so keen on returning to the role!

"I went through some anticipation for a while but it has been four years now so I have moved on to other things," he said when asked whether he'd be interested in playing Superman again.

I think I have found my place now," Routh added. "Playing Superman hasn't haunted me by any means. The challenge with that is a lot of people in the industry just stereotyped Superman Returns as a silly kind of movie. I have done quite a lot of roles since then, but not a lot has gotten out."

What do you guys think? Is it time for Brandon Routh to put Superman behind him once and for all or should he be Nolan's first choice when it comes to casting the Man of Steel in his planned reboot? Share your thoughts in the usual place!

As for me I'm happy he's moved on, and dude you wont be missed trust me. Now I personally think that Tom Welling should be the big screen Superman when Nolan reboots the series, and this will allow them a chance to not have to re do the damn origin again.

There is no need to re do it if Tom is Superman since we had 10 seasons on tv to learn the back story...

Bring on Tom Welling as SUPERMAN!


Anthony said...

I agree, after ten years, he's proven not only he can act, but he's developed the right skills and quality to be worthy for the part, he deserves more credit than what some people have given and he's earned the right to be given a chance for the role on the big screen and the future drector and producer has to realize that. Tom said it himself he's always been open to it. He's earned it.

The Man From Krypton said...

I agree 100%