Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bryan Singer Headed For Superman Trial

Well it's not that he doesn't deserve to stand trial for the horror's he's done to the world of Comics but this is just pretty funny stuff here.

Looks like Bryan's got some explaining to do!

Posted by Patrick on 09/25 at 03:13 PM
Is one of the reasons for the slow committal from Warner Bros. to make a Superman Returns sequel due to the fact that Bryan Singer is going to have to go to court over who owns the rights to the Man of Steel?

I’m going to throw that idea out there. Here’s why:
As I discovered on the The Beat comics blog (which was originally gleaned from this blog), Singer is going to have to give a deposition to the court presiding over the Superboy and Superman lawsuit cases. You can learn the details in greater depth if you follow the second link above but in a nutshell the widow and daughter of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel are suing Warner Bros. for 50% of the rights for both Superboy and Superman.

The Siegels are basing their claims on the definition of copyright claims as they were defined when Siegel and Jerome Shuster sold their interest in Superman to DC Comics back in 1938, revised in later years, and specificed by the American government as to how copyright could be reclaimed by the creators. For a longer, more detailed explanation hit Newsarama’s overview of the case.
Trexfiles learned that, two weeks ago today, the court ordered that Superman Returns director Bryan Singer give a deposition to the court sometime before November 30, 2007. The court also ruled that the case over who has 50% ownership of the rights to Superman will go to trial on January 22, 2008.
The outcome of this trial will have huge ramifications over the future appearances of the character. It could threaten to derail a Superman sequel. It may even have the power to reshape the JLA movie and future seasons of Smallville or any other Superman/Superboy TV and/or movie projects. And this story is not really getting the attention that it deserves.
Stay tuned for more as it develops.

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