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Filming to start soon? Trolls annoying Snyder? Well check this out... we don't like to reveal our sources for obvious reasons but the person we got this information from is someone close to the production, and is involved in production meetings with the entire staff. He/She was also involved with the production of Man of Steel.

This person has sent us information in the past, and has never been wrong. This time we are told us here at "The man from krypton: Blogspot" that director Zack Snyder has become some what frustrated with the internet, and how badly each casting has been received by the fans, and online media sources which instead of helping some have joined in the backlash.

He's recently also said to have been very disturbed by what some are calling a super divided  "pro & anti" fans of the movie, and some of the extreme reactions to come out of these people have shocked him. Last thing he wanted was to divide the fans this badly going into this sequel. While the idea to add Batman into the mix was his idea the studio agreed as soon as he mentioned it. He wanted to use his own Batman or bring back Bale but the studio wanted, and pushed for Ben Affleck. After a bit of hesitation he agreed to call Ben, and the rest is now history.

As soon as that casting broke the internet exploded with negativity which really shocked Zack, and while they have seen this before with casting of Batman actors it's never been to this extent. Now while that has died down some each following casting choice has been met with an almost equal amount of hate from fans, and he's really starting to worry about the cast he's put together.

He was heard as saying to Christopher Nolan on a phone call "Too much backlash man. This is F**king crazy." We were told that Zack repeated this to our source, and has said that the reason Chris Terrio was allowed to re write the script is because Snyder had a major issue with what David Goyer handed in to the point that it caused him to have a major panic attack over it.

Apparently the script had more holes than Swiss cheese in it...  The first draft by a new writer Chris Terrio was handed in not long ago, and rumor's are that he seems lost in translation as he's never done a comic book movie before in fact his only real Hollywood film was ARGO.

A good film but one which is not a comic book movie, now can he give us an epic Superman vs Batman movie is the real question? He's also said publicly that he's not a big Superman fan or Batman for that matter. He's doing this because Ben asked him to help clean up the mess left by Goyer. But make no mistake he was Ben Affleck's idea to bring on board, and since the WB wanted Ben so badly they agreed to bring in Chris without questioning his writing history.

He's not very experienced, and from the sounds of the feed back my insider has got the reason the production was pushed back to when it was had everything to do with how bad the original script was, and how bad Chris touched up script was that's when the WB asked him to start from scratch all over again. This is where Wonder Woman became involved. That was Chris Terrio's idea... Which as we know that casting didn't go well and only added to the negative backlash by fans. But with all the casting don't be shocked if they announce sometime soon a J.L movie also in the works. We're told they will announce that pretty soon.

There is a lot of tension also between Ben and Zack who are at odds with part of the story. With one outburst over heard by Snyder saying to Ben "Ben why don't you star in it, write it, and direct it yourself if your going to bitch about everything." Some say all the backlash has gotten to Ben and he's scrambling to make sure this isn't another Daredevil which is what we all fear. This is why there is now growing tension between him and Snyder.

Also the footage shot at the football stadium will not be used that whole scene is now gone from the film and it cost the WB close to 15 Million to make. They are not happy knowing they blew that much on a set of scenes which are now voided from the script. I was told the scene was cut because it was to close to what was done on Dark Knight Rises.

The movie might start production within the next few weeks and they will be shooting, and writing as they go since the script isn't finished, and neither is the cast the movie is still in pre production, and new cast members will be announced shortly.

One thing Snyder has said was that he was made aware of trolls on the internet who have been getting into wars online over the movie both to defend it, and some to trash it so both side of equation. He's disturbed by it, and even thought about not directing the movie because he was disturbed at some of the videos sent to him.

One person in a video who looks like he's of middle eastern descent with clear mental issues was seen trashing the producer of Man of Steel himself Christopher Nolan in every video he saw and than praising Snyder and the movie Man if Steel.

Which makes no sense he told our source since Nolan of course is the main reason why MAN OF STEEL got made to start with.

Nolan is also executive producer of this follow up movie, while his role this time will be less than on the first film this is normal but he will still be involved with the film.

Remember Christopher Nolan was the man who had the idea which ended up being scripted by David Goyer in the first place. How anyone can hate Nolan but love Man of Steel? This is beyond us all really, and any sort of logic.

But for now it seems like Ben Affleck's choice of writer Chris Terrio has looked like some what of a bust or a Fish out of water. But Ben and the WB have enough faith in him that they will get it together some how, and has said that if he can't come up with a good script the whole production could be doomed since Goyers script was panned by everyone involved.

We promise to keep you updated if anything further develops on the films production, and if anymore problems are reported to us by our source.

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