Sunday, April 27, 2014

Confirmed by the WB/DC Zack Snyder to direct not just Batman vs Superman but Justice League also!

That's right I'd like to think we broke the news here a week ago but it's official now. The news broke the WB in a last ditch effort to create some positive news has stepped up, and released the info that they are indeed shooting both movies BATMAN vs SUPERMAN & Justice League back to back.

I have really mixed feelings about this because as much as I'd love to see a Justice League movie I hated Man of Steel, and I'm not at all excited about his Batman vs Superman. Now he's in charge of the entire DCU? This is a major mistake by the WB/DC which could cost them big at the box office.

Here is the official report from Josh Wilding of Comic Book Movie.

According to Latino-Review (who had the scoop on Zack Snyder and Justice League not too long ago), we should expect to see the follow-up to Batman Vs. Superman on May 5th, 2017. While The Wall Street Journal article - which you can find more details on by clicking here - said that the movie wouldn't hit until before 2018, this date would certainly make a lot of sense for Warner Bros.

Firstly, it's an extremely desirable slot, and secondly, it adds a lot of weight to the rumours and speculation that Snyder will shoot Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League back to back. It also keeps DC's own superhero ensemble far awar from Marvel's likely 2018 release for The Avengers 3! The site does point out that this is a rumour as of right now, and cautions not to expect confirmation until Comic-Con.
Well there it is! What do you think? Do you agree with the announcement? Do you think Zack is the right choice? Personally I'm not too happy with knowing he's in charge of Superman, Batman, and JL. This is scary especially coming from the director of Sucker Punch, and the awful Man of Steel movie. WB/DC you have really screwed the pooch on this one.  Anyway drop your comments on the matter below.

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