Monday, December 20, 2010

Superman Start Date. Where and when the Man of Steel will shoot.

A new Superman movie is finally close to actually happening, with word coming today on when and where director Zack Snyderplans on shooting the film. The Globe and Mail has the news that the production appears to be headed to Vancouver in the summer of 2011.

"[Zack Snyder's] next feature's coming here," said Peter Leitch, chair of the Motion Picture Production Industry Association of British Columbia and president of North Shore Studios and Mammoth Studios.

Leitch would not specifically name the Man of Steel project as the film in question, though obviously that's what Snyder is doing next -- and a source for the paper confirms the news.

By the way, Superman Returns was shot in Australia and the original Christopher Reeve film was shot in England, New York City and Alberta, Canada (for the Smallville scenes) And do we remember boys, and girls what show shoots in Vancouver which wraps production on it's 10th and final season before next summer? That's right SMALLVILLE!!!

Does this mean anything when it comes to us getting Tom Welling in the role? Perhaps or perhaps not. Only time will tell but it sure is shaping up in his favor. Storyline is about a Superman who's struggling with being Superman, and he's in his "early days" in the suit, and also that they are going for a 32 to mid 30's actor. Tom Welling fits all those bills to a T.... Or an \S/ :)

Either way the fans have spoken time, and time again on who we want to see in the role, and Tom Welling is that person, and with the show wrapping production for good next Summer would fit perfect because they could use all the sets which are already in place which would save the production millions!!! Not like how Singerman Returns had to spend millions on building a new farm setting, and the entire cities of Metropolis, and Smallville.

After that movie flopped the studio wants to make money from this next project, and want to save money on the production as much as possible while still giving the fans the best movie possible.
Keep your fingers crossed...

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