Sunday, November 7, 2010

True Blood‘s Manganiello may play Superman

As first reported by Jamie and Peter over at TMTTrue Blood” Lycanthrope Joe Maganiello was pursuing the main role in Zack Snyder’s new “Superman”. While not my top choice (Tom Welling is my number 1 choice) he has the frame, the dark complexion, the looks, the size.

But anyway, just how interested would Warner Bros and Snyder be in casting this relative unknown as the new Man of Steel? Had they even heard his cries to be considered? They did last time with BJ and that failed big time... It would make more sense to cast Tom Welling who's the same age, size, and is widely known, and accepted as this generations Superman.

Makes no sense to cast anyone but Tom Welling honestly but we will wait, and see how this casting pans out. It was reported earlier that Manganiello appeared on a panel at EyeCon this weekend and confirmed there had been “talks” of some sort between he and the Super-crew.
Manganiello was quick to update his Twitter account with clarification – he isn’t actually in “negotiations” but there’s ‘something’ going on. , “Just to be clear… as of today, I am not ‘negotiating’ to play SuperMan …but keep your fingers crossed and thanks for the wishful thinking!”
In other words, the actor has met with Snyder and Warner Bros about playing the role. That likely also means that so have a dozen or more other young bucks, including Brandon Routh (who played the role in “Superman Returns”), Tom Welling (who plays Clark Kent on “Smallville”), Scott Porter (who played Jason Street on “Friday Night Light”), and – maybe? – Jon Hamm (“Mad Men”).
Manganiello is great as Alcide on “True Blood”, and he fit the part of Flash Thompson perfectly in the “Spider-Manmovies, but is he Superman?

I see there’s a swell of support for Manganiello on the internet (though a couple have pointed out that the guy’s “big nose” might cost him the job) but there’s just as many campaigning to have Routh reinstated.

But neither compare to the fans pushing for Tom Welling to be given the role on the big screen as he's won every major poll ever put out with him on it, and even won a poll!

As well as this Soda Heads poll which ends on Jan 1st Tom Welling is clearly the fan favorite.

Here’s a fan-made Manganiello as Superman pic :

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