Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Don't Bring back Bryan Singer & Brandon Routh to the next SUPERMAN project petition

Well things sure have been busy as of late, and wouldn't you know just when things we're looking up with the WB, and the whole Reboot thing I felt that still things we're not clear enough so I said let me make a petition, and send it to the WB.

This will help make things clearer so we don't have to spend the next couple of years or x amount of month's bickering, and bitching at each other in Fan Forums.

Or websites like thing one or "S.S.S." So I bring you all my petition! It's The Don't Bring back Bryan Singer & Brandon Routh to the next SUPERMAN project petition We as fans deserve to have this mess of a movie that was Superman Returns put behind us, and so we could move foward in a positive way, and help unite the fanbase so we could stand behind the next SUPERMAN project how we as BATMAN fans stand behind NOLAN'S BATMAN franchise.

We want this for SUPERMAN!!! But only once the removal of the problem (Singer/Routh/Bosworth/Spacey/The Kid) is made.

Let's move foward in a positive way, and announce their official termination now rather then drag this out for another 10 months or 2 years.

Also for fans who want to do more then just sign a petition! DO This!

Write the WB:
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

Write "Don't Bring back Bryan Singer or Brandon Routh on the post car, and send it to the Warner Brothers Entertainment company. Make your friends, an family members write in also, and if you have kids make sure they do it also, and put their age on the post card so they know that people of all ages want this to happen, and any friends who you might know that like Superman, and didn't like the movie! Make sure they do it also.

Let's show the WB that we want a better movie from them, and let these Singer apologists know that they like him simply don't understand this character, and this is why the movie failed to begin with.

It's time we get the same treatment for SUPERMAN that Nolan is giving BATMAN!
And we don't mean a DARKER more Evil side to SUPERMAN we simply want the movie done right!


Tha said...


chong said...

it's over, dude.

let's see how long WB take to restart the franchise again.

The Man From Krypton said...

I say they will start a serious pre-production around 2010, and the movie wont be out until 2012.

If the movie sucks, and bombs like SR we probably will have seen the last of SUPERMAN for many many many years.