Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Will The real Superman please stand up!

So I get my mail today, and I see this link sent to me by my good friend who says "Hey Check out the real face of Superman!" So I click on the link, and I see this...

 The real Superman
(morph between Reeve, Cain, Welling, Routh, and Cavill)

Looks like they also did Batman, James Bond, Spiderman, and Rachael Dawes for some odd reason.
Now looks like a lot of Tom Welling was used there but the dude sure does look the part. lol Now I know this is a "morph" trick but maybe for the next reboot if Man of Steel tanks they could have a casting call looking for this face. Maybe have this spread all over the net now to get him ready. 
Cool trick either way.. What are your thoughts?

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