Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well folks I like to say that I am a proud AMERICAN, and I love one thing most about this country, and that is a little paper which was signed into law many moons ago... I think you might have heard of it it's called THE CONSTITUTION!

For all you communists out there who forget this paper is what our nation is based on! Go read your facts! Freedom of speech no matter in what form is what makes this country what it is! This is really the place where every word can be heard, and with the internet your words can be heard all over the USA, and the world!

The amazing thing about this thing we call the internet is that it really does reach all over the globe, and it really does connect people in a way that religion, cultures, and other things could not... Just to give you an example I have a person who I'm friends with who is from the U.K, and we met thanks to a forum, and became friends, and talk online all the time.

Without the INTERNET this connection would have never happened, and this friendship would have never happened... Now what I love about the internet most is that it can break down walls when it comes to such things as racial tension, and other forms of bigotry. By simply allowing people to be able to talk to each other no matter location, race or background.

With this said I also have to stand up, and celebrate when FREEDOM of SPEECH on this internet is given, and when people who try to stop it get laughed at, and mocked in public for being the communist pigs they are. is a website that I'm sure some of you know about, and have been to, especially if you did not like Singerman Returns! Now the sites runners have NEVER ONCE said anything to my understanding that would lead anyone to complain against them but to try to shut them down because the people in the forums were being anti gay, and voicing their constitution given opinion is just insulting.

Do these Singer appologists forget that little paper I spoke about in the start if this rant? I mean to try, and shut down a website over that, and claim things which turn out to be false is laughable, and plain stupid.

Is it wrong to gay bash? YES! It is wrong on the simple terms that gay people are humans just like the rest of us, and we all share this planet together, and should all love each other, and get along with each other yada yada yada.... BUT! Is it right to censor an entire site because someone says "Singer is a fag, and SUPERMAN RETURNS was GAY!" the answer is NO!

That's a persons right to say, and well it's not like it's a lie! I mean Bryan Singer is out of the closet, and is a homosexual which we know the slang for homosexual is "FAG," and yes as much as I hate to admit it folks Superman Returns was a really gay movie.

I mean It's their right to say it given this is a free country, and I know there is a big communist movement in AMERICA right now for some reason stupid is as stupid does! But til the day this country is no longer uses that paper to guide its laws by I will be a backer of it.

Now back to why I made this post to start with! Well I'll let the "webmaster" of give you the news:

"Hello there to all the intelligent and true Superman fans!!

Sorry to disappoint you FilmIdiotJamie, Terminated, and Blowtime, but reports of our demise were extremely premature and nothing more than a pipe dream of your collective apologist agenda.

For those who've missed the presence of, you won't have to wait much longer. We'll be back on March 1st with renewed strength, a new look, and a whole new attitude!! The truth hurt so much they needed to resort to a phony gay rights group (United Federation for Equality and Understanding) in order to silence us. Too bad for them it was only temporary and accomplished nothing more than pissing me off. has ALWAYS been by the fans and for the fans. We're not in anyone's back pocket or dependent on advertising and never will be.

With that said, much like we sent SantaFeGrace to SDCC last year, I'm looking for people to cover this years comic-cons around the world. If you live in an area that will be having an event or plan to travel to one, get in touch with me. We need reports, photos, interviews, etc. We've built something great together from nothing more than a love of a comic character. Let's keep that momentum going!!

See you in one week at!!

Steve "Archangel" Manning"

So in closing! Welcome back SAVESUPERMAN.COM, and please KEEP UP the good work!
Much evil is left to battle in this world of sin...

- Evildoer!

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chong said...

nice blog. let's keep superman alive after being humilated by singer.