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Review: Smallville Power

Smallville Episode 8x14

Official CW description:
An explosion at LuthorCorp kills all the Board members and injures Oliver (Justin Hartley), who was there to announce the merger of his company with LuthorCorp. Oliver believes that Lex is responsible for the blast, but Clark (Tom Welling) and Lana (Kristin Kreuk) learn that the bomber is Winslow Schott (Chris Gauthier), a toymaker and former Queen Industries employee with a grudge against Oliver.

Note: This is the last episode with Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang.

I thought the show was excellent, and while what happens to Lex isn't what I wanted to see happen the show's producers have to give the character some closure incase this is the last season, and with Michael not wanting to do the show anymore this is a fine way to leave it as is for now.

If the show continues on, and if Michael wants to return or they want to return the character they could always say that he didn't blow up, and it was a clone or a dummy or a rig job or some crap, and bring LEX back.

I think this show could have all new life for a few more seasons if they do more episodes about Lois & Clark next season! I think that could be nice for a change so I for one am happy to see Lana, and Lex leave for now.

They both left with cliff hangers really because who is to say that Lana or Clark don't find a cure for what she got!? Could happen! And like I said Lex could always be brought back.

But that's if they want to return, and the show is still on if they end it without ever bringing them back this serves as a nice send off.

After all in the big picture who is to say they don't come back like I said but those years are far in the futures storyline, and nothing we will see on tv since the show would be off the air so it doesn't matter.

This episode leaves the question always there with Lana & Lex.
.. But it also removes them from the shows core group which now could be replaced with new people that could add more depth to the show.

For example they still haven't finished with Doomsday, and maybe more characters from the DCU will make a cameo if there is more seasons.

I personally have my fingers crossed with getting Hal Jordan to show up on the show...
Other then that in closing it was a terrific episode, and Tom Welling's acting is getting amazing in this role! He was excellent!

Till next time!

Review by: [The Man From Krypton]

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