Monday, March 31, 2008

Crazy Rumor: Hayden Christensen to Star as Superman in George Miller’s Justice League Mortal

If this is true then I think it's time someone started to fire EVERYONE involved with this movie!

I mean Hayden Christensen is now Superman IN JLA?????????? WTF!??? Someone shoot me!

In the words of Luke when he finds out Vader is his father.... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Brandon Routh sucked but Hayden? Noway man! Hope this isn't true.

MAN The WB doesn't know what the hell they are doing! How about hire this generations Superman in Tom Welling who also happens to be hetero.  If you don't think it's such a bad idea then look at the picture on top!

While Hayden couldn't possibly be any gayer then Routh!!! And he is as bad an actor as Routh!!! He already tarnished Star Wars with his bad acting I wouldn't want him to ruin Superman any further! It's time to bring in this Generations Superman!! TOM WELLING!

If true, thank booze. Cinema Blend says they received an email from a reader who spotted future Flash Adam Brody at a bar in British Columbia. What a tip, eh? There’s more though. Brody, who was allegedly boozing it up with director George Miller, went on to rundown the cast for the newly/oddly titled Justice League Mortal. All of the names for the superhero team were the same names being reported in the press, with one exception: the reader says Brody told her that Jumper’s Hayden Christensen is now Superman. And then Brody apparently signed her napkin.
Bogus? Perhaps. Now, the role is rumored to be filled by relative unknown D.J. Corona, and prior to that, Scott Porter (Music and Lyrics) was also tipped.

Maybe the Blend should request a photo of the napkin (”Dude, that’s Brody’s lightning bolt!”). As the site points out, is the JLMSupes.
cast currently bar hopping up there for the helluva it? But Christensen would also make sense for the troubled Warner Bros. production, which is apparently scouting locations in Canada after being leaving Australia over a tax rebate disagreement. A more recognizable name would draw attention away from the damp buzz. More on this as it develops. And yeah, I agree, Christensen is not an ideal

Discuss: Have you ever run into Adam Brody at a bar? Hayden Christensen did a good nerd journo in Shattered Glass, but he also put many to sleep (permanently?) in those prequels. Thoughts? Is Justice League Mortal a silly title? Should they just go ahead and add Kombat? Have any of our Canadian readers seen Brody recently?

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